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Spring into Deloitte

What’s it really like to work in a professional job at Deloitte? Come and find out on this two-day course. Spend time in our offices, and meet the people who will inspire you to achieve. Each event is packed with business games and skills sessions, debate and discovery. It might just be where your future begins.
"I love the diversity of projects, people and places we work. I love the opportunities I am given to shape the career I want."

Lauren Machray, Cyber
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What’s involved?

Two intensive, but incredibly fun, days of discovery. Join a focused event: Tax Consulting, for example. Or a general Professional Services course. Your overnight accommodation, lunch and evening meals for both days are all booked and paid for by Deloitte.

Applications open on Monday 12 November 2018 and close on 31 December 2018.

Discover the career paths below to find out where your future career with us could take you.

What’s in it for you?

What do we offer?

“There is a lot of diversity in experience and skills, I love that everyone has a different story.”
Hazel Ijomah, Business and Financial Advisory

In your first year at university and not sure what career you want to follow? Want to work in Professional Services but not sure what that really looks like?

Spring into Deloitte gives you an insight into what a career here involves. The people you’ll work with. The incredible opportunities on offer. The sort of work you’ll do. You’ll watch, learn, participate, and network.

Decide you want to take things a step further? Places on our Summer Vacation Scheme will be up for grabs. And showing such an early interest in working with us will stand you in great stead should you apply for the Graduate Programme later.

Who can Spring into Deloitte?

“You will learn so much here.”
Salil Gokhale, Technology

Any student in their first year at university (or second year on a four-year course). You’ll need to be on track for a 2:1. Check the academic requirements.

If you’re fascinated by business and curious to find out what a career at Deloitte could offer – Spring into Deloitte is for you.

Where to Spring into Deloitte?

Where to Spring into Deloitte? We have a few locations that offer this programme. It is a great way to help you understand us, but more importantly help you with your career decision making.

What do our people say?

“I couldn’t believe what a great opportunity this was. My whole family was so proud of me and I couldn’t wait to leave school and get stuck in.”
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How have you progressed since you joined?

I think I have grown in confidence; I am able to work in a team and get my opinions across, but also speak on my own to senior managers and clients, at times presenting work that I’ve created myself

I’ve had to travel for projects – I worked in Glasgow for a couple of months and then London for about eight months. It helped me to be independent and to expand my network. I’ve met a range of interesting people that weren’t as aware of the BrightStart scheme. It’s encouraged me to take on work that would push me beyond what I thought I was capable of. As an added benefit, I also got to explore new cities in the evening, going to see musicals and popular tourist attractions.

What’s been your standout proudest moment so far?

My work with UK Police forces. I worked on a project to implement new technology that would improve productivity. My role was to support communication with the forces, and I managed the social media profiles for the project, monitoring communications and sending emails, managing the distribution list, creating a social media strategy and presenting it to clients, as well as helping to organise an event attended by roughly 200 police IT members.

What’s special about the people in your team?

There are loads of people in my team that are around my age, and everyone is really friendly and sociable, including the managers. Of course you need to have a degree of professionalism, but it’s nice being able to chat casually to people while working or having lunch.

All of my managers are incredibly dedicated and hardworking, and it means a lot when they take the time to explain a piece of work to me, or congratulate me on a job well done.