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Spring into Deloitte Scheme

Undergraduates – First year opportunities

What’s it really like to work in a professional job at Deloitte? Come find out on this two-day course, and meet the people who will inspire you to achieve. Each event is jam-packed with business games and skills sessions, debate and discovery. It might just be where your future begins.

What does Spring into Deloitte involve?

Two intensive, but great fun, days of discovery. You can choose a focused event: covering the many possibilities of tax consulting, how we inspire women to step up into leadership, or the breadth of career choices outside the capital. Or, if you’re curious about all the options, join our general Professional Services course.

Your overnight accommodation, lunch and evening meals for both days, are all booked and paid for by Deloitte.

Applications open on Monday 13 November 2017 and close on 31 December 2017 (please note, we may close before this date if all spaces are filled).


Inspiring Women: the future is bright
London, Tuesday 3 – Wednesday 4 April 2018 (Closed for applications)
Manchester, Monday 9 – Tuesday 10 April 2018

It’s nearly 100 years since women got the vote in Britain. For other nations, it was as recent as last year. The UK has come a long way over the past century, but we think we’ve still got a way to go.

Fewer than 25% of all technology jobs in the world are done by women. And around 80% of executives in the UK are male. Every year, women effectively work for free from November until the end of the year, as their pay is still less than their male peers.

How will it change? It starts with us. With believing in ourselves and inspiring each other; and working together to create a more equal future for everyone.

We’re getting together to discuss all this in April. We’ll be debating how we can add more value to businesses and support each other better. Join us to find out more.

Come and meet the women at Deloitte who are making an impact. Hear their leadership stories, take part in skills sessions, and exercise your imagination and business acumen. Become a film-maker too, and help debunk bias and myths around women in leadership. If you enjoy your time with us, it doesn’t have to end there, as you can access a fast-track interview for a 2019 Summer Vacation Scheme position.

It’s been shown that companies with a strong female representation on the board outperform male-only ones. We’re convinced we’ll get there; we’re certain the future is brighter.

Taxing questions: is this for you?
Spring into Deloitte, Reading, Thursday 5 – Friday 6 April 2018 (Closed for applications)

The tax affairs of individuals and corporations have never been more in the spotlight. What for many used to be ‘your own business’ is now very much considered in the public interest. Of course, when many businesses operate on a global scale, with a flexible, highly mobile workforce, and as tax laws continue to evolve, the question of liability is a lot more complex than you might imagine.

At Deloitte, we love nothing more than complexity; it’s what gets us out of bed in the morning and it’s why we’re setting our sights on becoming the undisputed leader in tax consulting. We’re determined to help our clients succeed and stay compliant. And we’re utterly inspired by the intellectual challenge of it all. Sound intriguing?

Then come to our tax-focused event. If you’re studying for a law degree or just have an interest in this area, this event will give you a great insight into what we do. You’ll get to play tax-related business games, develop new skills, and network with some of our top tax experts, from graduates to partners.

If you secure a place at this event, you’ll also have the opportunity to fast-track on to one of our Summer Vacation Scheme 2019 Tax Consulting placements. Applicants to this event should demonstrate an interest in and commitment to working within tax.

Local career: global impact
Spring into Deloitte, Edinburgh, Wednesday 11 – Thursday 12 April 2018 (Closed for applications)

Do you want to make a big impact, but not a big move? You don’t have to be in London to work on major projects or on a global scale. Our 23 offices around the UK operate with a far from ‘regional’ approach, with clients, connections and values that span the entire world. Many offer specialisms you won’t find anywhere else, as well as a unique culture and portfolio of clients.

Want to find out what’s on offer, where? Discover all about Deloitte at this exciting two-day event. It’s open to every student who’s keen to know more about what we do.

You’ll play business games that cover a broad range of our professional services, including Audit & Finance, Governance, Risk & Regulation, and Tax Consulting. And there are plenty of skills sessions to choose from too. You’ll also get the chance to network with our people, at every level.

If you secure a place at this event, you’ll also have the opportunity to fast-track on to our Summer Vacation Scheme 2019 in one of our regional (non-London) offices.

Who would benefit from Spring into Deloitte?

You may be one of those first year undergraduates that’s lucky enough to know exactly what you want to do after Uni. Or you may have absolutely no clue. Either way, our two-day immersion is perfect for you.

Certain you want a professional career? Here’s your chance to find out what that really involves, the kind of people you’d be working with if you joined Deloitte, and all the amazing opportunities on offer here. It could also lead to a Summer internship – taking you another step closer to a career with us.

Not sure what your future looks like? This is a great chance to ‘try before you buy’. Two full days of watching, learning, participating and networking will give you a clear feel for what we’re all about and whether you’d like a professional career with us when you graduate. And it could give you a real head start if you do decide to make us your first career move.

Where could Spring into Deloitte lead?

It’s your first step towards an amazing career. If you like what you find on our two-day course, you can fast track onto our Summer Vacation Scheme, a student internship programme that leads directly to a job interview.

Find out more about our Summer Vacation Scheme.

Who can join Spring into Deloitte?

Any student in their first year at university (or second year on a four-year course). You’ll need to be on track for a 2:1. Check the academic requirements.

If you’re fascinated by business, and can’t wait to find out what your career could offer, you’ll fit right in.

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