2015 Benchmarking study of eDiscovery practices for government agencies

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Since 2007, Deloitte has surveyed attorneys, paralegals, records managers and IT professionals within the federal government about their experience in eDiscovery. Over time, a picture of the challenges government agencies face has emerged as well as the varied ways government agencies are managing their eDiscovery workloads. Review our survey results here, and let us know what your experiences are in federal government eDiscovery.

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2015 Benchmarking Study Results

Insufficient manpower, insufficient time, and the volume of data are the three biggest challenges facing government agencies in regards to identifying electronically stored information (ESI). Compounding these challenges, for the fourth year in a row, government agencies have indicated that their biggest hurdle with regard to handling, processing, reviewing or producing ESI is their own internal systems and processes.

Additionally, mobile devices continue to play a part in litigation and eDiscovery. Fifty four percent of respondents (up from 26 percent last year) stated that they have had to preserve or collect data from mobile sources such as text messages, email, photographs, videos, and other data from smart phones or tablets. Social media, however, lags behind as a data point in eDiscovery when it comes to government agency litigation, with only 23 percent of respondents indicating that they have requested social media data, such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, from opposing counsel.

Ninth annual benchmarking study of electronic discovery practices for government agencies

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