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The future of investigations

May 2018

In this issue, we invite you to join our May 24 Dbriefs webcast, The future of investigations: Derailing fraud before it happens. Technology advances and machine learning are enabling new waves of innovation for companies investigating suspicious activity and proactively addressing financial crime. How can these technologies, integrated with deep forensic subject matter knowledge, help organizations proactively identify and prevent attacks? Learn how pairing experienced investigators’ knowledge of fraud schemes with data scientists and enabling them with advanced technology can take fraud-fighting to a new level.


The evolution of forensic investigations

March 2018

In this issue, we explore an analytics-driven approach to fighting fraud through a five-part series, The evolution of forensic investigations. Forensic analytics is a critical capability in the future of investigations. The series explores the need for available and accurate data, technologies required to extract data and realize its value, and continuous monitoring of transactions and activities, a process that proves invaluable.

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Tackling today's legal and business issues

January 2018

In this issue, we explore the benefits of diversity in the boardroom. As shared in the report 2017 board diversity survey: Seeing is believing, 300 board members and executives believe achieving greater diversity on corporate boards is a business imperative. The report examines the current state of today’s corporate boards and the need for boardrooms to become more diverse, not just demographically, but in skillset, perspectives, and experiences.

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The state of the deal: M&A trends 2018

November 2017

In this issue, we explore M&A trends 2018. More than 1,000 corporate executives and private equity investors have weighed in. Expect M&A activity to continue accelerating, with tech in the driver’s seat. Whether or not you focus directly on M&A law, the market’s optimism will likely have an impact on your business in the coming year. Read more in our annual comprehensive look at M&A activity.

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The legal department of the future

September 2017

In this issue, we explore the legal department of the future. Three key drivers are transforming legal from an internal law firm to a function that drives value for the business. See how disruptive trends are creating a new business model for in-house legal.

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Overcoming threats and uncertainty

July 2017

In this issue, we present findings from Deloitte’s 2017 global extended enterprise risk management (EERM) survey, which explores key focus areas to help organizations get more value from their extended enterprises. Almost all avenues for gaining competitive advantage also create risk, and this certainly holds true for the extended enterprise.

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At the anti-corruption compliance crossroads

May 2017

Many businesses feel a growing pressure to mitigate the risk of fraud, corruption, and other regulatory risks, while managing costs and reducing losses resulting from such activities. The pressure is coming from boards, management, shareholders, regulators, employees, and other constituents who are demanding that companies take these risks seriously. Compliance with growing regulatory and legal requirements, simply stated, is an inescapable duty.

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Compliance Modernization

March 2017

Compliance modernization is no longer optional. It’s a broad mandate that spans the way the function is governed; the tools, technology, and analytics it uses; the number and nature of its connections to other parts of the business; the expectations assigned to it; and more. How evolved is your approach?

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The future of risk: New game, new rules

January 2017

New trends are emerging that could alter the risks your organization experiences and affect how you respond to and manage risk. The future of risk: New game, new rules profiles 10 trends that are impacting the entire nature of the risk discipline. Learn how you can lead your organization to harness these trends to become stronger, increase resilience, and power performance.

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