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Tenth annual benchmarking study of eDiscovery practices

Government agencies—2016

​For the fifth year in a row, internal systems and processes continue to outweigh all other concerns when it comes to handling, processing, reviewing or producing ESI.

2016 benchmarking study of eDiscovery practices results

Since 2007, Deloitte has surveyed attorneys, paralegals, records managers and IT professionals within the federal government about their experience in eDiscovery. Over time, a picture of the challenges government agencies face has emerged as well as the varied ways government agencies are managing their eDiscovery workloads.

Review our survey results here, and let us know what your experiences are in federal government eDiscovery.

Top challenges in eDiscovery for federal agencies in 2016

Two-hundred and ten professionals across multiple government agencies including attorneys (68 percent), IT professionals (8 percent), paralegals (15 percent), records managers (5 percent), and others (5 percent) participated in the survey.

Internal systems and processes remain a consistent challenge in eDiscovery for federal agencies

Top challenges with regard to handling, processing, reviewing, or producing electronically stored information (ESI) are:

  • Internal systems and processes (35 percent)
  • Budgetary issues/constraints (23 percent)
  • Communicating with IT (20 percent)
  • Buy-in from senior management (14 percent)
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Infographic: Tenth annual benchmarking study of electronic discovery practices

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