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Managed service providers and SAP—a match made in heaven

Part of the For Cloud Professionals podcast series

Moving SAP deployments to the cloud can be challenging. MSPs can help. By handling cloud management and strategy, MSPs can free up organizations to focus on running the business, not cloud management.

SAP in the cloud: MSPs make it easier

For many organizations, SAP is the backbone of the enterprise—powering HR, accounting, finance, sales, production, and more. However, SAP implementations, especially in the cloud, require a lot of care and feeding. Enter managed services providers (MSP). MSPs use their technical and strategic capabilities to enable a seamless cloud experience with SAP, enabling clients to focus on core competencies, not cloud-management. And, if the client operates in a multi-cloud environment, MSPs can help integrate cloud deployments, navigate technology changes, and leverage technology innovations. In this episode, David and guests, Deloitte’s Stephen Swartz and Pavan Srivastava, discuss key benefits of using an MSP for SAP deployment and how MSPs can help clients develop strategies that improve business performance while reducing cloud complexity and costs.

"[An MSP] creates a much more seamless management environment, a much stronger management back play than people have traditionally had cobbled together in some cases in the legacy data center world."

Pavan Sirastrava
is a technology leader with 20 years of experience in developing strategies and implementation of SAP focused technology solutions. Pavan leads Deloitte’s SAP technology capability that focuses on helping clients adopt innovative technology solutions such as cloud and SAP HANA to improve business efficiencies. Pavan has led several engagements helping clients develop strategy, architecture and implement SAP on the cloud and SAP HANA platform.

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The business of hybrid and multi-cloud cloud computing

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Three Things that could Destroy Your Cloud Migration Project

Cloud deployments aren’t easy. No project sails smoothly, without rough waters. But three things: lack of resources, lack of objectiveness, and lack of talent, can sink your project long before it has a chance to prove its worth.

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