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Automate enterprise transformation with ATADATA™

Part of the For Cloud Professionals podcast series

Cloud migration can be a manual, costly process, and it often results in significant downtime. Deloitte's ATADATA™ can help automate the migration process, speed enterprise transformation, and deliver value quickly, with little to no business disruption.

Automate enterprise transformation with ATADATA™

Migrating enterprise workloads to the cloud can make you more agile and help enhance your business performance. However, that migration process is often manual, time-consuming, and costly—and it can significantly disrupt your operations. Deloitte’s ATADATA™ cloud management platform can help you eliminate much of the manual work of cloud migration. ATADATA can provide deeper insight into your IT infrastructure, regardless of platform, to accelerate cloud migration. Using ATADATA, you can automate your migration activities to any target environment, all with minimal business disruption, and from one centralized interface that enables you to view the process holistically. Join David and guest, Deloitte’s Charles Wright, as they discuss how ATADATA can help organizations automate enterprise transformation, enhance business performance, and deliver on promised value more quickly.

Disclaimer: As referenced in this podcast, “Amazon” refers to AWS (Amazon Web Services), and “Google” refers to GCP (Google Cloud Platform).

[With ATADATA] you have complete autonomy to migrate to any of these platforms using ATADATA. So, it removes your vendor lock. It allows your vendor selection process to be comprehensive. And then you can execute to any of these  destinations. So, for a value proposition it's kind of like a Swiss army knife in that you don't have to have education on eight different technology platforms for lifting or shift or migration, but you have one central interface that manages the entire process.

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Three things that could destroy your cloud migration project

Lack of talent, lack of objectiveness, and lack of resources can seriously hamper your cloud migration project, but it doesn't have to be that way. Focus on getting these three things right, and you can increase your chances for a successful migration to the cloud.

Is your cloud infrastructure too complex?

Cloud infrastructures are necessarily complex, but that complexity can be reduced. The right tools will help abstract you away from the complexity. However, even with the right tools, simplifying your infrastructure will involve some trial and error. The good news is that there are emerging frameworks in development, and processes that are proven to work.

Realizing the transformative power of the cloud

For Cloud Professionals: Hosted by David Linthicum and designed for cloud professionals, this podcast gives you the straight talk on cloud computing. From what’s going on in the industry, the impact of cloud in the enterprise to how it can enable business transformation–it’s all covered here.

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