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What impact will blockchain have on the future enterprise and how will it evolve?

Part of the For Cloud Professionals podcast series

The future of blockchain and cloud is evolving. There are severals tools and technologies available to help add value to the Enterprise.

Blockchain and the cloud: Tools and evolution for the enterprise

Join host David Linthicum and guest Val Bercovici, founder of PencilData, as they discuss the current state of Enterprise blockchain and cloud, potential future evolutions, and the value blockchain tools and technologies can provide Enterprises.

Amazing new business services and other personal services will be enabled by Blockchain.

Val Bercovici is the co-founder of Peritus.ai, and is also a founding member of the governing board at the Cloud Native Compute Foundation (CNCF), the Linux Foundation home for Google's Kubernetes technology. Val has also enjoyed a long career at NetApp/SolidFire launching multi-billion dollar storage products, creating the competitive team & strategy, directing new research investments for the NetApp Data Fabric roadmap and serving as SolidFire CTO.

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Blockchain and the five vectors of progress

As blockchain matures, progress along five vectors can help mitigate or topple existing barriers to adoption. Overcoming these five barriers can help organizations lower the cost and risk of deploying blockchain while expanding the practical applications of the technology.

Blockchain solutions and services

Blockchain technology is emerging as a viable technology for companies across all industries. Deloitte helps companies achieve their blockchain goals—innovation and ideation, strategy development, prototyping, and product development.

Realizing the transformative power of the cloud

For Cloud Professionals: Hosted by David Linthicum and designed for cloud professionals, this podcast gives you the straight talk on cloud computing. From what’s going on in the industry, the impact of cloud in the enterprise to how it can enable business transformation–it’s all covered here.

Architecting the Cloud: Get real about cloud technology with Mike Kavis on the Architecting the Cloud podcast. We’re talking about what’s new in the cloud, how to use it, and why with people in the field who have done the work.

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