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China's emerging innovation capabilities: Implications for the future

As China has developed into a technology innovation hub over the past few years, its trajectory is likely to affect the global competitive landscape as well as its own domestic market environment. How has this occurred, what is the current outlook, and what are the ramifications for the future of technology? Participants will learn about China’s emerging innovation capabilities and potential implications for their own companies.

July 12
11 a.m. ET | 15:00 GMT
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Equity incentives: Strategies for Chinese companies expanding globally

As more Chinese companies grow their operations internationally, go public overseas, and acquire multi-jurisdiction talent, equity incentive strategy is often a critical consideration to attract and retain top performers. The cross-border tax ramifications of equity compensation, however, can be complex to evaluate. Participants will learn about the tax implications of equity compensation for cross-border companies and executives, and potential pathways to plan ahead.

August 16
11 a.m. ET | 15:00 GMT
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