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2020 commercial real estate outlook: Revolutionizing tenant experience

Emerging technologies and analytics are helping commercial real estate (CRE) leaders make more informed decisions and create a more memorable tenant experience. What lies ahead in 2020? Participants will explore insights from Deloitte's 2020 CRE outlook survey and assess how to prepare for top CRE priorities of 2020.

Real Estate
January 15
1 p.m. ET
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Digital clinical trials: Elevating the patient experience

While digital technology is widely available to the general population, it generally has not made its way into clinical trials. That's all changing. Participants will explore how virtual clinical trials are changing the way research is conducted and identify ways they ultimately benefit the patient.

TMT outlook 2020: Innovation and disruption continue unabated

Important trends are shaping the technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) industry. What developments should you anticipate for 2020? Participants will explore implications of these trends and assess how they may affect the TMT industry throughout 2020.

Industry outlook 2020: What twists and turns lie ahead?

The past year was in many ways an economic, political, regulatory, and competitive rollercoaster for the energy, resources, and industrials industry. What new factors are likely to shape the industry in the coming year and beyond? Participants will explore various issues and opportunities that the industry is likely to face in 2020 and assess how their organizations can plan ahead for them.

Leading the social enterprise to deliver a human experience

Great experiences build connections, strong connections create loyalty, and loyalty drives business results. In a digital world that often makes customers feel less human, how can businesses deliver more human experiences for their most important stakeholders? Participants will identify steps companies can take to help curate more meaningful human experiences and assess ways to realize competitive advantage and true long-term gain from delivering a more human experience.

Consumer Products
February 6
2 p.m. ET
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C-suite perspectives on digital transformation and the future of health

Life sciences and health care C-suite executives are navigating a new normal focused on better outcomes and more value. Are organizations prepared to embrace enterprisewide digital strategies, and, looking toward 2040, are leadership teams prepared for what is on the horizon? Participants will assess different ways for life sciences and health care leaders to think about investments and strategies today to prepare for the future of health.

Tech trends 2020: A government perspective

Technology can help improve government services by protecting and maintaining infrastructure, personalizing interactions, and automating activities that allow workers to focus on high-value tasks. What technology trends are likely to affect government and public services organizations in 2020? Participants will identify real-world examples of technology-driven improvements in government services, examine new sector-specific technology capabilities, and discover how to use technology effectively to support their mission.

Government & Education
February 25
2 p.m. ET |
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