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Getting back to business: Strategies to reboot and recover

As life sciences and health care organizations return to work, or ramp up efforts to do so, it is critical to balance health, safety, and financial concerns. What are effective strategies for rebooting and recovering, even as organizations prepare for potential future outbreaks? Participants will learn practical back to work strategies, lessons learned, and leading practices and explore ways to tailor plans for their organizations and people.

Energy management: Attitudes and preferences in a changing world

Energy management was moving toward greater efficiency and decarbonization over the past decade. But 2020 brought profound economic and societal changes that have deeply impacted many businesses and residential energy consumers. Will customer attitudes and preferences about energy management alter its trajectory in the new decade? Participants will learn results of Deloitte's Resources 2020 survey and explore how evolving expectations, aspirations, and behaviors are driving change.

Balancing insider threats with other risks in a post-COVID world

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work, business closures, and new suppliers and customers can present new and unfamiliar risks. But as organizations balance the safeguarding of their workforce with keeping the business running, they should not lose sight of protecting against familiar risks, specifically those that negligent or malicious insiders may pose to critical assets and data. Participants will examine steps to address insider risks and explore ways to reduce disruption, all while supporting the resilience of today's workforce.

Government & Education
August 18
2 p.m. ET
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Internal audit innovations: Optimizing risk management

By leveraging leading edge internal audit practices, commercial real estate companies can optimize their resources and elevate their risk management capabilities. Participants will learn how to transform the way internal audit provides assurance services and explore ways to anticipate risks to provide greater impact to their organization.

Real Estate
August 19
1 p.m. ET
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Race, racism and public health

Although many life sciences and health care organizations have been working towards improving social determinants of health, the COVID-19 crisis and recent events around social justice issues and racism have shone a spotlight on how certain communities of color are being negatively affected. Participants will find out how industry leaders can work to address issues of racism and to help improve health outcomes.

Establishing the road to global consumer recovery in the COVID-19 era

Consumers are living through a collectively anxious moment, caught between personal health and safety and financial well-being. What is the interplay between the two as drivers of consumer behavior and purchase decisions? Participants will discover consumer industry insights from Deloitte’s Global State of the Consumer Tracker survey and explore strategic approaches to help recover and thrive in this challenging and dynamic environment.

The transformational impact of the intelligent edge

The intelligent edge leverages the power of edge computing, machine learning, and advanced connectivity. How could it fundamentally transform the way companies across industries operate and offer products, services, and experiences to customers? Participants will learn about the growing importance of the intelligent edge, discover how the technology, media, and telecom ecosystem and competitive landscape are evolving, and explore ways to overcome obstacles and get started with their own implementations.