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Are automotive suppliers positioned to thrive in a slowing market?

Automotive suppliers and OEMs have profited from a wave of new product and feature introductions resulting from the past decade of global economic growth and an exponential pace of innovation in autonomous, electrified, and connected technologies. But what do transformative megatrends, signs of sales plateaus, and mixed consumer interest in expensive emerging technologies mean for suppliers? Participants will hear results from Deloitte's fourth Global Automotive Supplier Study and ideas on how to drive shareholder value.

September 18
2 p.m. ET
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Smart factories: Trends in adoption, maturity, and value realization

Manufacturers are digitizing and connecting factories to realize the benefits of the fourth industrial revolution. What opportunities and challenges are they encountering as they shift toward smart factories, and how are human and cyber roles changing? Participants will learn results of a recent Deloitte and MAPI survey and key decisions manufacturers are making as they build smart factories.

Taking a cyber everywhere approach for life sciences and health care

Cyber leaders in life sciences and health care organizations are focused on enterprisewide digital transformation as an important strategy to achieve greater efficiencies while also better protecting the business against cyber threats. But are organizations prepared to take such a “cyber everywhere” approach? Participants will learn how life sciences and health care organizations can take an enterprisewide approach to cyber as a fundamental component of their digital transformation strategy.

Life Sciences & Health Care
September 26
1 p.m. ET 
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China's new retail: Implications for China and the world

In one generation, Chinese consumers have grown to assume an important role in retail innovation by participating in a huge mobile online population, engaging in immersive and innovative customer experiences, and driving significant gross merchandise value growth for e-commerce giants, brand owners, and fast-moving unicorns. What should multinational companies know about China's new retail? Participants will discover the new retail realities of China and explore their implications for multinational companies worldwide.

Health care transformation: Bringing health back into communities

Research shows that factors outside the health care system affect a majority of health outcomes. As a result, health care that has historically taken place within the system is now moving back into the community. Participants will examine how social issues affect health outcomes and review strategies that can help prepare for a transforming health care ecosystem.

It takes two: Pairing digital identity with digital transformation

When implemented strategically, digital identity can be a key enabler of digital transformation and enhanced citizen experience. It’s also a necessary element of managing risks. Participants will discover how to strategically align digital identity with their organization’s digital transformation and explore ways to better drive innovation, help manage potential risks, and deliver a stronger user experience.

Government & Education
October 23
1 p.m. ET
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Greening your organization's energy profile

Public and private organizations are increasingly committing to source more of the energy they use from cleaner resources, with some targeting up to 100 percent renewable energy. What do their journeys look like so far? Participants will examine goals and strategies of US private- and public-sector organizations as they plan for a cleaner energy mix and identify important challenges and success factors affecting their journeys.

Power & Utilities
November 6
1 p.m. ET
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