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2024 real estate outlook: New foundational industry realities

Following years of turbulence and disruption, commercial real estate firms are looking to find their footing in achieving short-term financial stability and also long-term resilience. But how should real estate firms consider addressing new realities that could shape the future of the industry?Participants will identify the next era of property fundamental expectations and evaluate the opportunities and challenges brought on by technology disruption and ever-changing regulations.

Real Estate
October 5
11 a.m. ET
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Exploring the industrial metaverse

While the industrial metaverse may sound like science fiction, some manufacturers view it as a potentially transformative yet prudent next step in their digital evolution. Manufacturers have an opportunity to build on their smart factory momentum to springboard into the industrial metaverse. Participants will evaluate the applicability of metaverse-enabling technologies for company processes and formulate strategies to launch and expand industrial metaverse initiatives.

2023 Deloitte Industrial Products & Construction Days – Manufacturing

Join us for the 2023 Deloitte Industrial Products & Construction (IP&C) Days – Manufacturing session. We will explore industry trends that may affect your organization, and you can hear from our leaders on strategies that can help keep your organization on the right path. Participants will assess the current industry trends that may help guide their business strategies for future success.

Infrastructure Legislation: Understanding the opportunities

In today's resource-constrained environment, companies need to understand legislative opportunities-whether federal or state-available to them. This enables them to maximize their rate of return and propel their projects and innovation forward. How can companies comprehend the legislative landscape, integrate it into their strategy, apply for the appropriate funds, and effectively implement and manage the allocated funds? Participants will evaluate the advantages and methodologies to access legislative opportunities/funds that can profoundly influence their company's strategies and enhance their returns on investment.