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Restructuring the supply base

As the acceptance and utilization of real-world evidence (RWE) escalates, it is
crucial for biopharmaceutical companies to effectively industrialize their RWE
capabilities to generate more value for their organizations. Participants will formulate a deeper understanding of the key trends influencing the RWE imperative and take away insights to better equip their organizations to harness the full potential of RWE.

Households transforming the grid: DER as key to affordable clean power

Household power capacity from distributed energy resources (DER) could surpass doubled peak electricity demand in a 2035 decarbonized grid scenario. Residential DER can help utilities equitably gain clean capacity and improve resiliency, while putting downward pressure on rates. The potential role for quickly deployable DER may become even more important as permitting and interconnection queues for utility-scale resources lengthen. Participants will have the opportunity to identify key elements that can help with planning and implementing residential DER strategies.

2024 higher education trends

Colleges and universities face a number of complex issues that require them to adapt and evolve. This 2024 higher education trends webcast examines the trends sculpting the landscape of higher education in America today, regardless of geography, institutional type, or brand. Participants will identify the challenges and opportunities shaping America’s higher education sector in 2024. 

Government & Education
August 8
11 a.m. ET
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