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Tax implications of the CARES Act for private companies and their owners

On March 27, 2020, President Trump signed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (the CARES Act) into law. What are important business and tax related provisions, and how could they affect private companies and their owners? Participants will discover important private company tax implications of the CARES Act and explore tax planning opportunities to help deal with this challenging and unprecedented global situation.

April 6
1 p.m. ET
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Lease accounting standard implementations: Keep the pedal to the metal

The deadline for private companies to implement the new FASB lease accounting standard was recently extended to allow more time for implementation. What are recent challenges and lessons learned? Participants will consider implementation challenges that other private companies have faced, explore innovative solutions, and consider practical steps for completing their implementations.

April 28
2 p.m. ET 
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Corporate governance: New decade, growing complexity

Governance discussions often focus on how boards and management are structured and operate. But what should the private company governance ecosystem address? Participants will gain insights on important governance trends, consider potential implications, and explore ways to address related areas of enterprise risk.

May 12
2 p.m. ET 
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The future of work: An unleashed workforce

Contrary to popular sentiment, robots are not taking over, and human jobs are not going way. But they are changing, so what should private company executives know about the future of work? Participants will examine trends influencing the future of work, consider how those trends are likely to manifest in their own environment, and explore ways to respond.

June 23
2 p.m. ET 
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