Insurance Capital & Risk

Helping insurers prepare, adapt, and thrive in a constantly changing environment

Challenges related to a changing economy, evolving regulatory considerations, and a complex technology landscape are driving important evolutions in the capital and risk space, ranging from risk modeling and reporting to an operating model that embeds risk and capital metrics across pricing, treasury, ALM, and other components of the firm.

Deloitte’s Capital & Risk team

Deloitte’s Capital & Risk team works with insurers to develop and enhance risk management, capital management, and other related functions in order to optimize risk and reward decision-making. Deloitte leverages global practitioners across all related capabilities in order to apply targeted solutions to your firm.

Insurance Capital & Risk Contact:

Eric Clapprood,
Capital & Risk Leader
Deloitte Consulting LLP
+1 860 725 3473

Service offerings

Our team is constantly assisting US and global insurers tackling today’s issues by providing solutions to people, process, technology, and governance issues. Below is a summary of some of the offerings we have developed:

  • Capital Framework: Establishing, enhancing, and maintaining a capital management, reporting, and allocation process that is consistent across pricing, risk mitigation, and performance metrics
    • EC, RBC, rating agency, and other capital modeling
    • Capital-based decision-making across products, projects, M&A and other allocations
    • Interaction of treasury, investments, finance, and other functions through an ROC-focused operating model
  • Risk and Regulatory: Incorporating regulatory capital and reporting requirements into a holistic capital and risk framework, and engaging effectively with external stakeholders
    • RBC, NAIC ORSA, SIFI CCAR, and other US considerations
    • International regimes including Solvency II and SMR
    • Developing global trends, including IAIS
  • Risk Operations: Executing the core sub-functions of risk and capital management
    • Investment strategy, hedging, and ALM
    • Risk and capital measurement, reporting, and mitigation
    • Reinsurance strategy
  • Risk Technology: Understanding the quickly-moving landscape surrounding data, models and platforms, and optimizing its contributions to your vision
    • Scenario generation
    • Projections, assumptions, and model governance
    • Risk aggregation and diversification

Capital & Risk integrated offering

Because Deloitte understands the complex and overlapping nature of risk and capital issues, our Insurance Capital & Risk integrated offering delivers comprehensive services, tailored to help your company implement holistic solutions to some of your most difficult problems. Examples of this service in action are shown below.

The Risk Intelligent Enterprise. Deloitte’s risk management philosophy, foundation, and approach, focused on implementing and maintaining a risk-reward mentality and culture. Insurers are in the business of taking risk, and need to do so with an appropriately cohesive framework. An effective risk management program for a growing enterprise focuses equally on both value protection and value creation.

Four Faces of the CRO. Insurance chief risk officers (CRO) today have more responsibility and challenges than ever before, and Deloitte’s Four Faces framework helps CROs incorporate industry leading practice into their own organization, customizing around its history, culture and uniqueness, while pursuing the appropriate balance across strategist, catalyst, operator, and steward faces.

Holistic Capital Management. Deloitte’s approach helps insurers establish and maintain a capital management framework that blends complex differences among regulatory and internal views, products and metrics, with a goal of consistency and clarity across capital strategy philosophy, objectives, reporting, incentives, allocation, and pricing.

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