Tech Trends 2022


Tech Trends 2022: A human capital perspective

Exploring the mutual acceleration of work and technology

Because the work humans do and the capabilities that technologies provide are so closely related, they share a trajectory—each shaping the other and propelling each other into the future. Dive into our human capital perspective on Deloitte’s Tech Trends 2022 report to discover how technology is enabling the shift from traditional talent models to workforce ecosystems.

Technology is driving human capital change, and vice versa

The rapid shifts detailed in Deloitte’s Tech Trends 2022 report aren’t taking place in a vacuum. Neither are the equally dramatic shifts in the ways people work. As work and technology chase each other into the future, they have the potential to spiral continually higher together—or to fly off in incompatible directions. What can determine the difference? Vision. Organizations with a comprehensive understanding of this moment are more likely to embrace and unlock the value of human capital technology.

Trends in data sharing, the cloud, digital devices, and more are propelling and being propelled by a workforce ecosystem we haven’t seen before. In addition to internal talent, this new ecosystem encompasses gig workers, contractors, and ecosystem partners—and it requires a new approach to talent and tech management. The assumptions people bring to work and technology, and the operating models they foster, must keep pace.

Employers will face critical questions as they navigate these twin forces of change.

Explore ways human capital technology can unlock human potential

Explore the trends and consider how each one can shape your organization’s perspective on human capital and technology.

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