Workforce Transformation Services

A human-centered approach to business strategy innovation

A business strategy focused on activating the workforce is essential to maintaining competitive advantage. By analyzing the changing nature of work against your business outcomes, we can work with you to compose the workforce required for your business to thrive. Our Workforce Transformation services help you reimagine your talent management strategies across leadership, learning, rewards, inclusion, performance management, career mobility, and talent acquisition.

How we help

Deloitte’s services and capabilities provide cross-functional solutions for Workplace Transformation that enable businesses to adopt an approach that allows for rapid cycles of experimentation while maintaining operational excellence. This approach is driven by collaboration across Human Capital, Technology, and Strategy & Operations (S&O) service areas. When coupled with a focus on diversity and inclusion, this collaborative perspective creates an opportunity for organizations to approach transformation with a holistic lens. We work alongside our clients to bring together experienced teams with extensive understanding of Workforce Transformation strategies to help inspire you to rethink workforce management for the future.

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Our Workforce Transformation services

We help you look beyond traditional talent management approaches with Workforce Transformation services that inspire you to rethink workforce management for the future.

Take a deeper dive

Read insights from Deloitte’s leading thinkers in Workforce Transformation, talent management, and the future of work.

Are you overlooking your greatest source of talent?
Learn how internal mobility helps to create a powerful magnet for people outside your organization who seek professional growth.
Decoding millennials in the gig economy: Six trends to watch in alternative work
Explains how millennials' participation in the gig economy continues to rise and organizations are eagerly tapping into this pool of workers to hire more people off their balance sheets.
Zoom out/zoom in | An alternative approach to strategy in a world that defies prediction
Learn how can companies direct attention toward initiatives that have the most impact—and ensure that they’re properly funded?
No time to retire: Redesigning work for our aging workforce
Examines to capitalize on a new and growing talent pool—not millennials, but those who continue to work past traditional retirement age—leaders should understand who these workers are, what motivates them, and the opportunities they present.
What is work?
Reveals in the age of artificial intelligence, the answer to a more optimistic future may lie in redefining work itself.
Superminds: How humans and machines can work together
MIT professor Thomas Malone on human-computer collective intelligence and the future of work.
The evolution of work: New realities facing today’s leaders
Understand how organizations can rethink their approaches in the face of the evolution of work, this article tries to tap into the wisdom of crowds by asking leading thinkers to identify what they think are the most important driving forces shaping the work-related realities of tomorrow.

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Robin Jones

Robin Jones

Principal | Workforce Transformation

Robin is a principal in Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Human Capital practice with nearly 20 years of organizational transformation consulting experience focused on technology, media, and telecommunication... More

Robert A. Dicks

Robert A. Dicks

Principal | Workforce Transformation

Rob is Deloitte Consulting’s Human Capital CFO Services market offering leader and is a leader in Deloitte Consulting’s Workforce Transformation practice. In his CFO Services lead, Rob helps CFO’s ass... More

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