Workforce Transformation Services

A human-centered approach to business strategy innovation

New business strategies require more from present day workforces, making workforce transformation top of mind for every executive. We work with business, functional, and HR leaders to create a competitive advantage and generate value through their workforces, equipping organizations to thrive in the face of persistent change.

Deloitte’s 2024 Global Human Capital Trends

It’s time to trade in the rules, operating constructs, and proxies of the past. Prioritizing human performance can help organizations make the leap into a boundaryless future.

Explore more than 10 years of research and trends

The Skills-Based Organization

A New Operating Model for Work and the Workforce

The most fundamental building block of work the job could be hampering many organizations. Instead, many are applying skills-based models to meet the demand for evolving business priorities. Download our research findings to explore how organizations are thinking about the move to skills-based organizations and how they are operationalizing it. Our quantitative and qualitative research—shares insights from 1,021 workers and 225 business and HR executives around the world.

Expand your perspective on workforce risk

How we help

In Workforce Transformation, we work with business, functional, and HR leaders to create a competitive advantage and generate value through their workforces. Our capabilities and offerings can help you:

  • Realize cost savings while elevating workforce engagement.
  • Strengthen critical workforce segments with tailored solutions.
  • Transform workforce and infrastructure to align with evolving business needs.
  • Address the implications of technology and optimize human tech collaboration.
  • Ensure successful merger integrations and post-Day 1 activities.
  • Obtain maximum value and impact of enterprise-wide technology.

Our Workforce Transformation services

We help you look beyond traditional talent management approaches with Workforce Transformation services that inspire you to rethink workforce management for the future.

Take a deeper dive

Read insights from Deloitte’s leading thinkers in Workforce Transformation, talent management, and the future of work.The C-Suite’s role in well-being

Workforce Risk
C-suites and boards have an opportunity to improve management and expand governance of their workforce to mitigate related risks more effectively.
Generative AI and Future of Work
Prepare your organization for the boundless potential of AI in the workplace and its impact on jobs.
Rethinking traditional management in workforce ecosystems: Four areas for strategic change
As the workforce evolves, it challenges longstanding assumptions about management. The future belongs to those adapting as traditional models yield to new frameworks for orchestrating workforce ecosystems.
Uncovering culture: A call to action for leaders
Uncovering culture explores the ways and extent to which US workers “cover”—that is, downplay known disfavored identities to fit into mainstream corporate cultures.
Inclusive or isolated? New DEI considerations when working from anywhere
With the ability to work from anywhere—whether remotely, onsite, or some combination therein—individuals can benefit from time and money savings, convenience, and flexibility.
The workforce well-being imperative
Pave the way for human sustainability in workplace culture.
C-suite’s role in wellbeing
According to a new survey from Deloitte and Workplace Intelligence, C-suite executives believe the health of their workforce is improving. Workers say otherwise.

Job Architecture in the Boundaryless World

As businesses grapple with these transformative forces, the importance of job architecture has never been more pronounced. A well-defined job architecture is essential to connect skills in demand and strengthen talent strategies.


Reduce uncertainty and improve decision quality with Insights2ActionTM—a new free platform from Deloitte.

To harness the full force of what their people can do, organizations must continuously sense, analyze, and act on challenges at the shifting intersection of work, the workforce, and the workplace. Insights2ActionTM can equip you to guide your people and organization forward.

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Future of Work

Driven by accelerating connectivity, new talent models, and cognitive technologies, work is changing. Jobs are being reinvented, creating the “unleashed workforce”—where work is redefined to create new value and meaning for organizations, employees, stakeholders, and communities. Read more .....

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