Future health: Transformation through innovation

Meeting the demands of a transforming health care system

The health care industry is intensely focused upon transformation, as leaders increasingly realize that only those organizations that can expertly manage risk while reducing costs will likely prosper under new value-based care models.

Future Health: Transformation through innovation

As organizational structures shift, health care leaders also need to adopt new strategies to succeed in this new world. Exactly what do leaders need to do as new models unfold?

Learn more about these helpful insights in this ebook with over ten pieces of unique content from our thought leadership, interviews, videos and research, providing greater insights for health care leaders as they navigate the use of emerging technologies and innovations to help their systems thrive. 

  • M&A integration strategies
  • Virtual health
  • mHealth and telehealth
  • Analytics
  • Value-based care models
  • Dual role of the CIO

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