COVID-19 webinars: Leading the path forward

A webinar series to help organizations emerge stronger in the face of a pandemic

In spring 2021, a critical time during the COVID-19 pandemic, Deloitte convened some of the brightest minds in life sciences, health care, and public health. The goal: come together to share strategies and lessons learned in the face of COVID-19 to help our nation emerge stronger and prepare for potential public health threats that may arise in the future. Stream our “Leading voices on COVID-19 and the path forward” webinar series to see what we learned.

The role of public and private partnerships in recovery

Date: March 11

Host: Dr. Bruce Green, chief medical officer for Deloitte’s Federal Health practice


  • Dr. Michael Mina, MD, PhD, Harvard University
  • Dr. Brad Pollock, MPH, PhD, FACE, University of California, Davis 

How can public-private partnerships help in our nation’s recovery efforts? What are some partnerships that have emerged in the pandemic, and how will this affect the future of the industry? Listen to a dialogue with Deloitte’s Dr. Bruce Green, Dr. Michael Mina from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and Dr. Bradley Pollock from the University of California, Davis. In this webcast, leaders explore strategies for helping organizations recover and move forward.

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Health equity and COVID-19

Date: March 23

Host: Asif Dhar, vice chair and US Life Sciences and Health Care leader at Deloitte


  • Dr. Eugenia South, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania 
  • Dr. Megan Ranney, Brown University     
  • Dr. Lisa Fitzpatrick, Grapevine Health

What does it mean to view the pandemic through the lens of health equity? Listen to a powerful dialogue on health equity during the pandemic and beyond with Deloitte’s Asif Dhar, Dr. Eugenia South from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Megan Ranney from Brown University, and Dr. Lisa Fitzpatrick from Grapevine Health.

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The catalyst to a reimagined future

Date: April 8

Host: Asif Dhar, vice chair and US Life Sciences and Health Care leader at Deloitte


  • Dr. Syra Madad, infectious disease epidemiologist and senior director, System Wide Special Pathogens Program, NYC Health + Hospitals
  • Dr. Mark McClellan, director, Duke-Robert J. Margolis Center for Health Policy, MD Professor of Business, Medicine, and Policy, Duke University

How can we use the lessons learned from the pandemic to build a more resilient health care ecosystem? And how can we better prepare our nation for potential public health threats in the future? Listen to a powerful dialogue with Deloitte’s Asif Dhar, Dr. Syra Madad from NYC Health + Hospitals, and Dr. Mark McClellan from Duke University’s Robert J. Margolis Center for Health Policy.


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