Strategy and M&A

Health Care Providers

Evolving with the health care industry today requires vision and innovation. Your willingness to explore new strategies, within and outside of the health care industry, can affect your success in today’s health care ecosystem. Strategies may include everything from risk management to cost containment to M&A—all driving toward efficient, quality care and a better patient experience.

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While outcomes, quality, and value have likely been at the forefront of your organization’s goals, they have come into sharp focus with the implementation of the ACA, increased regulation, changes in reimbursements, and the acceleration of new technologies. Horizontal and vertical integration opportunities, in addition to the need to control costs along the entire care continuum, can have a substantial influence on your decisions.

Should consolidation be part of your strategy? What functions will you keep internal and which will you outsource? What changes will be required to reduce cost and prepare for the required reporting on quality? It is time to resolve and answer these questions. And every factor weighing on your bottom line is worth examining. To obtain and maintain a competitive advantage, discovering your organization’s unique vision, and develop an executable strategy that incorporates innovative solutions are the first steps.

Going vertical: Post-acute care as an opportunity for growth

Faced with declining income and narrower revenue streams, greater pressure for coordinated care and more uncertain payment systems, hospitals may need a new survival and growth strategy. Involvement with post-acute care should be considered in order to remain viable in the new landscape.

M&A services: A holistic approach to transaction and consulting solutions

Health care providers are facing new and different stresses. Some are market-driven—escalating costs, pricing pressures, and growing patient populations. Others are more regulatory in nature—quality and transparency, increased scrutiny, and new financial models.

As a result, health care organizations are looking to mergers and acquisitions (M&A) as a means to spur growth, improve care, cut costs, and strengthen their competitive position. Whether a transaction includes buying, selling, or partnering, our broad resources and multidisciplinary, integrated approach can support client needs across the entire M&A transaction.