Needless to say the power of data is significant, especially during the data-driven era. Over the last 20 years, organizations have been working on maturing their data management capabilities, in order to captivate the value of their data. The issues of data accessibility, reliability, and availability have become increasingly challenging for them.

This is when Deloitte Digital steps in to helps clients uncover and unlock the value buried deep inside the vast amounts of data. We provide strategic guidance and implementation services to help organisations manage data from disparate sources and convert it into accurate, actionable information that can support fact-driven, data-backed, decision-making and generate an insight-driven advantage. 

Analytics is a powerful tool. However, applying analytics effectively requires knowledge and experience beyond statistics, operations, or information technology. Analytics done right requires a comprehensive set of capabilities that intersect and integrate with multiple functions and skill teams across an enterprise. Predictive analytics is developing into a robust practice that facilitates an enormous boost in forecasting efficiency as well as operations and performance.  

The potential value of Data Analytics can be immense on different functions of businesses across all industry, yet the usage is unlimited. For example, for retail industry, by harnessing Big Data, you can derive insights of product demand prediction, trend forecasting, price elasticity optimisation, value customer targeting, and shopping experience enhancement. In other words, you can drive more sales and reduce cost by unlocking the power of data.

Deloitte Digital’s Data Analytics practice is built on the foundation of Data Enablement, Data Engineering, Data Governance and Quality, and Data Platforms and Solutions. To help customers to accelerate the data potential together, we partner with Salesforce to achieve success in a truly data-driven approach, our alliance is here to help revolutionize our client’s  end-to-end customer data demands and guarantee client’s success.

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