Combating COVID-19: Insights by sector

No industry is escaping the disruption of COVID-19. But leaders like you must consider the unique impact it is having on your sector and the distinct needs of your people and business. This page compiles insights on a range of sectors that can help you act in this crisis with empathy and action.
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COVID-19 Sector heatmaps

The COVID-19 sector heatmaps gauge the current state of sectors in select countries against the three phases of a crisis: Respond, Recover, and Thrive. Each heatmap provides a visual representation of the pandemic’s impact along with key observations and enables users to compare and contrast countries and sectors. 
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COVID-19: Virtual close preparedness(英語のみ)

What’s the impact of COVID-19 on the financial close process? Our perspective outlines how to successfully prepare, plan, and execute the virtual close process..
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Confronting the crisis: How financial services firms are responding to and learning from COVID-19

Since the beginning of 2020, financial services firms around the world have been responding to the COVID-19 pandemic by relying on not only existing crisis management and business continuity plans, but also institutional memory, creativity, and plain hard work. Early indications suggest that not all financial services institutions are leveraging their plans in the same way. Here’s a look at several firms’ plans for the near future and long term to help them build resilience.
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Embedding trust into COVID-19 recovery

As resilient leaders seek to shepherd their organizations and stakeholders through the COVID-19 crisis, trust will be critical to the recovery—specifically, four dimensions of trust: physical, emotional, financial, and digital.
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Beyond COVID-19: New opportunities for fintech companies

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to create uncertainty, many fintechs are under stress on a number of fronts. But, as the broader economy shifts from “respond” to “recover”, new opportunities may be created for some fintechs. A key question is how fintechs may leverage their unique assets and skills to seize new opportunities in the future. It could be an opportune time to think big and act boldly.
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COVID-19 potential implications for the banking and capital markets sector(英語のみ)

Learn what questions banking and capital markets leaders should be asking themselves right now and what action steps they should consider in the face of COVID-19.
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BIS FSI(Financial Stability Institute)が「COVID-19対応とオペレーショナル・レジリエンス」というタイトルで非公式見解ながらコメントを出し(2020年4月)、各国当局のガイダンスを基にパンデミックリスク対応におけるオペレーショナル・レジリエンスおよびBCMにおける対応事項を整理しています。英当局が2019年12月にオペレーショナル・レジリエンスの対応事項や実施時期を明確にして以降、関心が高まっていますが、COVID-19への対応を契機にその重要性が一層高まっています。


Potential implications of COVID-19 for the insurance sector (英語のみ)

COVID-19 is impacting the insurance industry in multiple ways—from employee and business continuity issues to client service considerations to the financial outlook. Here are some key issues insurers face and potential action steps they could take.
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・ 保険会社への潜在的・長期的な影響
・ 経営陣や取締役会が問うべき重要課題
・ 実務的な次のステップ

Insurers step up as financial first responders

Many insurers are taking action to help both customers and their communities during the pandemic, yet their contributions may be going unnoticed. What’s likely required is broader communication of their corporate citizenship activities.
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COVID-19 and the investment management industry(英語のみ)

Without fresh information, processed at the speed at which markets are moving, investment professionals could be operating suboptimally—at a critical time.
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