Report cover image showing interwoven wires
Report cover image showing interwoven wires

Progress with Purpose, Transparency in Action

Dive into our 2023 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Transparency Report. In this update, we share the latest in our journey to increase workforce diversity, promote inclusion and belonging, and advance equitable access to resources and opportunities in our communities and society.

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Photo of Jason Girzadas Photo of Lara Abrash

Impact that matters

A message from Jason Girzadas, chief executive officer, Deloitte US, and Lara Abrash, chair, Deloitte US

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Photo of Kwasi Mitchell Photo of Denise Shepherd

Equity in action

A message from Kwasi Mitchell, chief purpose and diversity, equity, and inclusion officer, Deloitte US, And Denise Shepherd, diversity, equity, and inclusion leader, Deloitte US

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Discover the progress we made in 2023

Read more about our collective efforts to further our impact and advance equity within our organization and broader communities.

FY23 US goal progress

Learn about the advancements we made towards our aspirational goals in 2023 and gain insights into our focus areas for the upcoming year.

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US workforce representation

Explore our refreshed workforce composition data including updates to representation by level, leadership representation, and intersectional representation.

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US talent lifecycle & experience

Take a closer look at our 2023 US talent experience, from recruitment to advancement and attrition. Dig into the outcomes of the 2023 adjusted pay gap analysis and talent survey.

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Deloitte US India: Offices DEI transparency report

Explore progress against our USI goals and strategic priority areas, and refreshed 2023 workforce data.

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