Workforce Well-being

Making well-being accessible to our professionals

Prioritizing well-being and cultivating an environment in which all people can thrive has been a key part of our talent strategy for years. We have long believed that the well-being of our people is the well-being of Deloitte. Our holistic approach gives professionals the support and flexibility to make daily choices that enable them to be energized, confident, and aware. It recognizes that well-being extends beyond physical health to include mental, financial, and social elements. And it helps our people personalize their experiences in the ways that matter most to them in body, mind, and purpose.

Everyone at Deloitte plays an important role in creating a culture of well-being by modeling positive behaviors, embedding well-being norms into the design of work, sharing stories and resources, and supporting their colleagues and teams to do the same. Because we believe that well-being and inclusion are interdependent, we strive to cultivate a culture where people feel comfortable sharing their unique needs and authentic selves.

"Creating a culture that prioritizes well-being and supports people in bringing their whole selves to work every day starts by understanding that humanity and the traits that make us uniquely human—empathy, compassion, creativity—are vital in the workplace and the future of work."
Jen Fisher, Chief Well-being Officer, Deloitte US
5,000+ employees participated in well-being training in FY2020

Mental Health

Focusing on our people’s internal worlds and unique needs

At a time when nearly two in three US adults (67%) say the current amount of uncertainty causes them stress—and three in five (60%) find the number of issues our country currently faces overwhelming1—we are proud to support our people with an expansive set of mental health resources to help them manage the impact on their minds and bodies. Some of the well-being programs and resources that empower our people include:

1 American Psychological Association, “Stress in America™ 2020: A National Mental Health Crisis,” press release, October 2020.

Mental Health @ Work

Mental Health @ Work provides our people with the information, tools, and resources to support their mental and emotional well-being needs. It extends beyond awareness to literacy, helping to normalize conversations around mental health, and reinforcing a culture where mental and physical health are seen as interconnected.

We offer training to help identify, understand, and respond to signs of mental health conditions, and we encourage those who are impacted to seek the help they need. We will expand tailored mental health programs and resources that help address the issues different populations face.

"As someone who struggled with anxiety and depression, I am grateful to work for an organization that is striving to reduce the stigma around mental health. The first time I shared my mental health journey as part of a panel, leaders and professionals in the audience openly shared their experiences as well. Having this opportunity for professionals to collectively open up made me realize the serious impact that Deloitte was making in the mental health space."
Bryan Nesbitt (he/him/his), Manager, Deloitte Services LP
1,800+ employees have participated in mental health-related programs (Mental Health First Aid training and Intro to Mental Health) in FY2020

Healing Circles

Supportive communities and open dialogue are key to processing racial trauma. Our new Healing Circles program, piloted for Black professionals, provides an intimate space for critical discussions surrounding mental health and well-being related to racial injustice. They are designed to provide participants with opportunities to share their experiences, raise concerns and ideas, exchange stories, or just simply listen. Building on the pilot program, additional Healing Circles cohorts will start this year.

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Aspirational Well-being

Empowering our people to personalize well-being and reach their goals

Well-being can take many different forms in our organization. And we support our people in finding the right mix of practices to achieve their personal and professional goals. We also encourage our people to showcase and share the various methods they use to advance their well-being through programs.

Well-being Wizards Champion Network

Well-being Wizards are a network of champions who want to share their passions for well-being with their colleagues and teams. We know that well-being is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor, so we empower our Wizards to define and share their personal approaches to well-being. Our Wizards help drive culture change where it matters most: through the day-to-day interactions at the team level where they engage people in well-being activities, share resources, and advocate for well-being in our organization.

700+ Well-being Wizards in more than 60 offices

Vitals digital dashboard

Vitals is a digital tool, developed by Deloitte, that aggregates a professional’s time, schedule, and other employee data with self-reported energy levels to drive meaningful well-being conversations. By providing leaders with valuable real-time insights about the well-being of their teams, Vitals helps identify and support professionals who are at risk of burnout with support and resources.

40,000+ Vitals energy-level updates in FY2020
695 requests for well-being conversations with coaches through the Vitals dashboard in FY2020

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Well-being Goals

Summary of our Workforce Well-being goal

We are proud of our investment in our people’s physical, emotional, and financial well-being. As such, we are focused on expanding and tailoring our efforts to address the unique needs of our workforce not only at this time of uncertainty and unrest, but into the new normal that will inevitably result. We will continue to listen, encourage individualized well-being pursuits, and foster the sharing of perspectives to help our people thrive in mind, body, and purpose.

We commit to the following goal for the Deloitte US workforce:

  • Expand and evolve our mental health programs and resources that help address the needs of our various populations

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