Branding and advertising

How the brand experience makes moments matter

For today's customers, brand identity often is synonymous with the brand experience. Consumers expect a consistent experience and the ability to leverage emotionally intelligent, data-driven platforms.

The brand experience can shape customer views and values. Therefore, the imperative of truly elevating your branding and advertising can require an approach to campaigns that’s less interruptive and more human-centric than ever before.

Regardless of how clever, award-winning, or funny your ad creative is, if it isn't able to achieve business objectives, it’s likely a waste of time and budget. To ensure that messages are resonating with their audiences, marketers should recognize trends in advertising and reach consumers in a more powerful way, and at the exact moment those consumers are open to hearing from them.

Branding and advertising leaders should think about creative more broadly, understanding what’s important to their organization and identifying the right channels accordingly. When marketers approach creative with a strategic vision, they can see broader opportunities for connecting with consumers. Additionally, when brands are able to collaborate across the organization, they can make more impactful decisions with their creative endeavors and build a better brand experience. Effective branding and advertising is equal parts data-driven insights and inspired ideas.

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