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Corporate innovation labs

The Deloitte Greenhouse provides immersive experiences designed to break down barriers and accelerate meaningful results through one-to-two day interactive sessions tailored to address specific business challenges. The result? Behavioral science, design thinking, and strategy converge to help you solve your toughest business challenges. These corporate innovation lab experiences promote experimentation in a controlled environment, guided by ambitious objectives.

In a new article in the Harvard Business Review, Greenhouse Experience leaders share how Business Chemistry can help leaders improve their team’s performance and enhance efficiency and productivity.

The Deloitte Greenhouse Experience—Your space to experience breakthrough.

When you step into The Deloitte Greenhouse, you enter a place built upon principles from design thinking, behavioral economics, group dynamics, and innovation theory, with professional facilitation to help people make meaningful headway on tough issues.

Experiences are customized with our evolving IP and methods built on extensive research:

Innovation: Your ideas may be getting stale. How can you spark new thinking?

Alignment: You have a big, bold vision. How will you make it a reality?

Analytics: You’re drowning in data. How do you make it meaningful?

Strategy: The world isn’t getting any easier. What will you do to win?

Relationships: Your bottom line depends on people. How can you better relate?

Transformation: You need to be better, faster, leaner. How can you make change happen?

Transition: You’ve made it to the top. Now what?

Leadership: The world is full of potential. How will you realize yours?

These are the topics our clients struggle with most frequently. Sound familiar?

We’ve learned that in order to achieve real breakthrough, you've got to play by different rules. Read ours in the Breakthrough Manifesto.


    Each experience is tailored to address your toughest business challenges through thoughtfully designed Labs. Our Labs use a three-part method—refined in 3,000+ sessions—to engage participants not only intellectually, but physically and emotionally as well.

    Environment: We take you out of the ordinary and into a consciously-designed environment

    • Dynamic room configurations
    • Immersive visuals
    • Holistic sensory activation
    • Emerging technologies

    Elements: We assemble the right mix of high-tech and high-touch ingredients

    • Professional facilitation
    • Design thinking
    • Analytics and insights
    • Collaboration tools and techniques
    • Tested frameworks and IP

    Approach: We tie it together with an approach designed to produce moments of impact

    • Define the purpose
    • Engage multiple perspectives
    • Frame the issues
    • Set the scene
    • Make it an experience

    It all adds up to a welcome departure from business as usual and a refreshing reminder that there’s a better way to work.

    Human behavior-based insights

    To enhance the Deloitte Greenhouse experiences, we conduct research and develop proprietary tools around the key dynamics underpinning individual, team, and organizational breakthroughs, including:

    Business Chemistry
    Built on groundbreaking research in neuro-anthropology and genetics to understand the science behind professional relationships.

    Moments of Impact
    We (literally) wrote the book on designing strategic conversations. Read the national bestseller, “Moments of Impact” (Simon & Schuster, 2014) by Chris Ertel and Lisa Kay Solomon.

    Moments That Matter
    A framework to identify, and realize the potential of pivotal moments through specific behaviors.

    The Cause Effect
    Hyper-successful projects have at their core a palpable cause. Rallying teams around this shared sense of purpose means tapping into their hearts. When the entire team builds collective identity around a common cause, the project transcends work and becomes a mission. Games are changed. Tables are turned. Crises are averted. The Deloitte Greenhouse™ Experience calls this The Cause Effect.

    Here is the Deloitte Greenhouse Brief.

    Learn more about our Business Chemistry.

    Related offerings

    In addition to Custom Labs that inform strategic conversations for adaptive challenges, The Deloitte Greenhouse teams work with Deloitte’s business practices to develop time-tested offerings that go deep on a particular topic and feature select IP that engages through interactive approaches. A few examples include:

    • Business Chemistry: Expressly designed for use in a business context, this personality system draws upon the latest analytics technologies to reveal four scientifically based patterns of behavior.
    • Analytics: We are experiencing a renaissance in the science, technology, and applications of business analytics. It’s time to understand how and where analytics can provide the most value.
    • Executive Transformation Lab: When executives take on a new role, they don’t have the luxury of time. Our research focuses on the unique challenges facing executives in transition and helps them gain traction. These labs are available across a range of CxO roles and aim to help the executive set a vision and priorities for success. Examples include:
    • Executive programs - Deloitte prepares senior executives to manage the complexities of their roles, drive performance, elevate impact, and show value in their organizations. Within Executive Programs, offerings and tools are customized for specific needs and priorities—and address the most pressing issues executives face.
    • Scaling Edges Lab: Helps our clients take a step back and discuss how the world, their industry and their customers are changing and to reimagine their business.
    • Audit Committee Labs: Customized, facilitated sessions focused on enhancing the performance of audit committee members, both as individuals and as part of a high-functioning team. The program incorporates leading practices from our research and extensive experience with audit committees, as well as advance input from the audit committee’s key stakeholders.
    • Board Labs: Unique experiences designed to help boards and their members explore their responsibilities, priorities, and practices, with a focus on enhancing effectiveness, especially during times of transition. The Board Labs are built around the Deloitte Governance Framework, developed from more than a decade of research and experience working closely with boards and senior executives.
    • Inclusion Lab: Two-phase effort focused on overall inclusion strategy (phase 1) and specific areas of concern or interest (phase 2).


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