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Don’t just kick off. Launch.

Launch Lab reinvents the project kickoff experience

How projects start can spell the difference between success and failure. Our research revealed that failed projects often lack alignment, purpose, and team engagement. So, the Deloitte Greenhouse® Experience team reinvented a project kickoff experience that engages individuals through purpose, builds more dynamic teams, and evokes passionate commitment.

No one aspires to fail. Yet, project failure persists.

We’ll let the gifs explain.

Don’t just kickoff. Launch.

Strip away everything you think you know about the project kickoff experience. After thousands of executive labs, the Deloitte Greenhouse® Experience team has learned that if individuals aren’t ready, willing, and able to effectively engage at the start of the project, the likelihood of project success can be greatly diminished.

So, we set out to understand more about the challenges that hinder project success and rethink how teams start. We discovered three critical insights:

  • How you start really matters.
  • The usual focus on tactical best practices only get you so far. The nuanced, hidden human dynamics are what hinder or enable success.
  • Teams should focus on three key areas: vision, action, and team. 

Introducing the Launch Lab—the reinvented project kickoff.

The Launch Lab is an engaging, immersive, human-based project kickoff experience that takes participants beyond spreadsheets and check lists. Participants leave not just informed but aligned, engaged, and committed.

The result is a reinvented project kickoff experience that engages individuals through purpose, builds a stronger team dynamic, and evokes passionate commitment. And, it happens in your space for breakthroughThe Deloitte Greenhouse® space.

Ambition: Awake a why and a what

A dry, bullet-pointed vision and eye roll-inducing purpose move no one nowhere. To stick with it when the going gets tough, teams need a real ambition made up of a rich vision and galvanizing purpose. Good things come to those who "what and why."

When teams have a crystal clear vision of the "what" and "why" of a project, in which to strive, they are ready to create momentum, move from aspiration to action, and explicitly tie their day-to-day activities to a meaningful purpose.

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Action: Think outside the plan

We help teams strip away the normal, expected project behaviors and set their own guidelines for team achievement. The action module helps individuals uncover their inherent strengths, discover potential pitfalls, and galvanize for the project’s next phase.

Via gamification we compel teams to practice adaptability and agility with the plan. Because doing is better than listening, exercising is better than presenting, and engaging is better than informing.

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Team: Focus on humans, being

The team module uses Deloitte’s Business Chemistry® research to shed light on human dynamics. It highlights the unique aspects of each individual but also considers the team’s composition. Teams explore creating psychological safety for individual contribution and establishing the team’s shared values that will guide them throughout the project lifecycle.

The Launch Lab helps unify the group through an inspiring purpose, taps into core ambitions, and inspires collective empowerment to achieve exceptional outcomes.

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Kick off your new approach to kickoffs

Experience a Launch Lab at one of our five US Deloitte Greenhouse® locations or on the road. For more information, please contact

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