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The Cause Effect from The Deloitte Greenhouse® Experience 

When you start a new endeavor, promote not just performance, but hyper-performance

Hyper-successful projects have at their core a palpable cause. Rallying teams around this shared sense of purpose means tapping into their hearts. When the entire team builds a collective identity around a common cause, the project transcends work and becomes a mission. Games are changed. Tables are turned. Crises are averted. The Deloitte Greenhouse® Experience calls this The Cause Effect.

A goal is something you set. A cause sets you.

It grabs hold of your heart, head, and gut and directs your course. While the goal is important to set and meet, the cause transcends the goal. Our research showed that there is a clear distinction between typical, stated goals, and the cause each hyper-successful project honored. Watch the Hyper Success video to learn more about our project.

Hyper-success dissected

Our research found that emotion runs high throughout these projects: from recruiting team members, to creating the project environment; from rallying the troops in the face of adversity, to leading them beyond their expectations for the possible. Their leaders embrace the inevitable emotional peaks and valleys of a project and use them to propel the team toward the cause.

Tap the boxes to explore Cause’s Cohorts—six ways that hyper-successful teams bring their cause to life

Hyper-successful projects have a cause that speaks to and from the heart

We asked ourselves, “What does it take to move beyond the standard definition of success to something much bigger and bolder? What tools and strategies do leaders of iconic, breakthrough successes use to lead their teams toward the truly extraordinary; to the realm we call ‘hyper-success?’” The following projects are what we studied to learn more about hyper-success.

Titan Salvage saves the day

En route from Japan to California with 4,812 Mazda vehicles, the Cougar ACE lost stability and fell into a 60-degree list to its port side. Titan Salvage arrived to rescue the passengers on board. Miraculously, it managed to save 90 percent of the cars.

Moulin Rouge: The movie

Faced with a limited budget to make the highly stylized musical, director Baz Luhrmann used the power of an immersive reality to "seduce" Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor into the lead roles.


Invisible Children's web film KONY 2012

This scrappy production team detailed the atrocities of Joseph Kony and his Lord's Resistance Army. The most successful viral video of all time, it garnered 120 million views in just six days—triggering international legislative action to capture Kony.

Conjoined twins and Children's Hospital

Drs. Gary Hartman and Craig Albanese of Lucille Packard Children's Hospital were in for a colossal challenge. They aligned the entire hospital around the cause, coordinating 14 specialists across two operating rooms for 10 hours of surgery.

The Obama 2012 campaign

Harper Reed, chief technology officer for Obama for America 2012, catalyzed a sea change in campaigning-as-usual. The team rocked the boat: changing the role of technology and transforming get-out-the-vote ground operations.


The iPhone 1 team

Bob Borchers was tapped to lead the project after a seasoned career at Nokia—and swiftly abandoned every industry norm he was used to. In doing so, he paved the way for a whole new user experience.

The Cause Effect Lab byThe Deloitte Greenhouse® Experience

Making the exceptional the expected. This is the challenge. To address it, we surveyed teams, digging into what distinguishes high and normal performance. We also studied iconic, outlier projects seeking to understand the hallmarks of "hyper-success." The result of this research is a lab focused on identifying key individual and group strengths, establishing a galvanizing cause, and making that cause emotional, tangible, and real to help push the group closer to the realm of extraordinary achievement.

Each of our Labs are customized to your adaptable challenge, but here's a sample of one Cause Effect Lab by The Deloitte Greenhouse® Experience:

  • Reveal the opportunity
    Assess the project's current state using a diagnostic survey and uncover areas where a hyper-success focus can have the most impact.
  • Immerse in insights
    Explore outlier successes we use in our research, from NASA Sojourn to creation of Avatar, in a gallery walk to bring the hallmarks of these efforts to life.
  • Move from standard mission to cause
    Deepen the resonance of the mission through a series of exercises geared to increase clarity and engagement.
  • Bring the cause to life
    Experiment with various methods to make the cause real and establish it as a major factor in ongoing motivation and decision making.

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