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Chief Tax Officer Program

Empowering tax executives and their teams to push to a new possible

Deloitte's Chief Tax Officer (CTO) Program leverages our deep tax knowledge, experience, and resources to help tax executives advance their leadership and tax strategy capabilities. We offer established and aspiring tax directors enriching experiences and support to help them seize new opportunities, add strategic value, and advance their careers.


Deloitte's Chief Tax Officer Program

Deloitte’s Chief Tax Officer Program is here to help rising and established tax leaders successfully take on new challenges and seize opportunities that come from change and uncertainty. We leverage our deep tax knowledge, multidisciplinary business experience, and vast resources to empower, connect, and inform tax executives in distinct and meaningful ways. From the early stages of your leadership to the pinnacle of your career and the crossroads in between, we offer unwavering support and enriching experiences to help you step into the spotlight and lead with confidence.

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A new seat at the CTO table

Expectations of tax executives are rapidly evolving, both in type and intensity. Whether you are directing a large corporate tax department or leading a small in-house team that relies on outside tax resources, you share common challenges. Forged by the convergence and complexity of issues—from policy and regulatory changes to technology and mobility advancements—these challenges are continually reshaping your role and responsibilities.

The fundamentals of your role are still vital—tax compliance and reporting activities and vigilant risk management. But now, CFOs, executive leadership, and key stakeholders across  the business are demanding more strategic tax planning insights on a range of business decisions and initiatives—all of which is complicated by tax reform uncertainty.

These shifts are also bringing unprecedented opportunity and visibility to tax department leaders. The chief tax officer, along with the other CTO roles—chief technology and talent officers—is becoming an integral contributor to a company’s management and growth. Together, you form a powerful team of interconnected and invaluable expertise. You bring value that can help your company thrive.

Transform and advance

Deloitte's development and transition programs prepare you to recognize and enter the doors that change can open. We help aspiring and established leaders acquire the insights, skills, and confidence to deliver greater strategic value to their organizations and move their own careers forward.

Next Generation Tax Leader Academy
Executive learning experience at Deloitte University for rising tax executives to broaden their perspectives, enhance leadership capabilities, build a network, and prepare for what’s next.

Tax Executive Transition Lab™ and Tax Elevate Lab
Immersive experience to help emerging tax leaders hit the ground running with a personalized approach to their new role. The day focuses on three important resources CTOs must effectively manage during times of significant changes: personal and organizational time management, tax talent and resourcing models, and critical stakeholder relationships.

Learn more about the Tax Executive Transition Lab and Tax Elevate Lab.

Tax Leadership Skills Accelerator Workshop
An immersive experience designed to help direct reports of the CTO enhance their leadership and influence skills and develop a plan to accelerate success.

Learn more about the Tax Leadership Skills Accelerator Workshop.

The Deloitte Family Office Labs
Deloitte’s Family Office Labs are designed to assist family office executives, high net worth families, and other stakeholders in driving significant value from the family office organization and its resources. Since no two-family offices are alike, each lab is customized for the particular family office’s circumstances. Learn more about The Deloitte Family Office Labs.

Learn more about The Deloitte Family Office Labs.

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Immerse and break through

Step outside of business as usual to address complex challenges.

Deloitte Tax Lab Experiences
Preparing tax leaders and their teams to deliver the next level of value and to articulate their vision for the tax department of the future—focused on transformation, technology, and talent.

Learn more about The Deloitte Tax Lab Experiences.

Tax Virtual Workshops
Customized sessions to connect with tax leadership to educate, develop a vision, brainstorm ideas, prioritize, and/or plan.


Connect and discover

Deloitte can help you keep track of what’s happening in the wider world of tax without losing sight of what’s most important to your world of tax. We do this through timely and topical interactive webcasts, content, and insights.

Dbriefs webcast series
Deloitte helps you stay ahead of important developments affecting your business with Dbriefs, our live webcast series. Dbriefs feature timely, relevant insights for an executive-level audience. See our upcoming schedule of Dbriefs at

Deloitte’s TaxFirst webcast series is your go-to source for timely updates on regulatory guidance and tax law changes. Whether it is 163(j), foreign tax credit, or base erosion and anti-abuse tax (BEAT), Deloitte’s TaxFirst webcast series will provide you with information you need shortly after new regulations are released.

Deloitte tax@hand
Deloitte tax@hand is a convenient, customizable source of news and insights for global tax professionals. Deloitte tax@hand is updated daily and available via a secure digital platform on any device. Download the app at


Tax News & Views newsletter
Published by our Washington National Tax practice, the Tax News & Views newsletter offers clear and concise coverage of key tax developments on Capitol Hill and what they mean for taxpayers. Subscribe at


Strategic Tax Conference
For more than 20 years, this exclusive program has helped tax leaders connect and plan for what’s next.

Tax Accounting Conference
An exclusive training program for tax, accounting, and finance professionals. Deloitte’s Tax Accounting Conference offers a full array of ASC 740 topics. A participant is immersed in tax accounting topics with practical considerations—at a time when it’s needed most.

CTO Program roundtables and alumni events
Local forums for networking with peers, exploring challenging issues, and sharing leading practices.


Deloitte’s integrated tax services

We offer a broad range of fully integrated tax services that combine insights and innovation with business and industry knowledge to help your company excel globally.

Your tax policy team in Washington, DC

Deloitte’s Washington National Tax (WNT) practice is a select group of tax specialists that brings the value of world-class insights and high-ranking government experience to our tax leader clients.

Our WNT practice offers a Washington, DC fly-in program that provides direct access to our top tax policy professionals in a highly personalized setting. Learn about the latest tax policy and legislation, discuss the likely impact on your organization, and develop strategies for dealing with your critical tax challenges.

Invest in your leadership potential

Take advantage of all that Deloitte’s Chief Tax Officer Program has to offer. Access to the right knowledge, guidance, and peer support can help you seize the unprecedented opportunities in front of you and take your well-deserved seat at the CTO table.

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