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Chief Tax Officer Program

Helping you lead with confidence

Deloitte's Chief Tax Officer (CTO) Program leverages our deep tax knowledge, experience, and resources to help tax executives advance their leadership and tax strategy capabilities. We offer established and aspiring tax directors enriching experiences and support to help them seize new opportunities, add strategic value, and advance their careers.

A new seat at the CTO table

Expectations of tax executives are rapidly evolving, both in type and intensity. Whether you are a tax director for a large corporate department or the head of a small in-house team that relies on outside tax resources, you share common challenges that are continually reshaping your role and responsibilities.

Your fundamental role as tax director continues to be vital even as chief financial officers (CFOs), executive leadership, and key business stakeholders are demanding your insights on tax strategy and a range of business initiatives. And this new set of expectations is further complicated by tax reform uncertainty.

The upside is you've never had more opportunity and visibility as a tax director than you do now. The chief tax officer, along with the other CTO roles—chief technology and talent officers—is becoming an integral contributor to a company’s management and growth. Together, you form a powerful team of interconnected and invaluable expertise. No company can thrive without you.

Deloitte's Chief Tax Officer Program

Deloitte established the Chief Tax Officer Program to help rising and established tax leaders successfully take on the new challenges and opportunities that this sea change presents. We leverage our deep tax knowledge, multi-disciplinary business experience, and vast resources to empower, connect, and inform tax directors in distinct and meaningful ways. From your early aspirations, through your ascent, and all the way to the apex of your career, we offer unwavering support and enriching experiences to help you step into the spotlight and lead with confidence.

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Deloitte's development and transition programs prepare you to recognize and enter the doors that change can open. We help aspiring and established leaders acquire the insights, skills, and confidence to deliver greater strategic value to their organizations and move their own careers forward.

Future Tax Leaders Academy Tax Executive Transition Lab™
This leadership development conference offers up-and-coming tax leaders from select companies a unique learning and networking experience. Attendees leave with techniques for adding business value and advancing their leadership and career goals. This lab helps tax executives transition efficiently and effectively into new leadership roles. Lab facilitators lead participants through immersive exercises and topical explorations to brainstorm ideas and build a plan for accelerating transition success.
Tax Strategy Refresh Lab Tax Department Transformation Lab
Experienced tax executives are often looking to refresh their strategy for leading their departments. The Tax Strategy Refresh Lab is a one-day session for tax executives to define their vision, reach alignment on business priorities, and develop an action plan for bringing them together. This is a customizable session to help tax leadership teams explore, prioritize, and mobilize the transformation of their department. Participants work together to outline a vision for the department, identify areas of focus, and create an actionable plan to reach their goals.


Through our national conferences, local events, and vibrant LinkedIn community, Deloitte provides many opportunities for you to build your professional network and learn from a diverse array of your peers.

Strategic Tax Conference: For more than 20 years this program has helped tax leaders connect and plan for what’s next. In addition to featuring business, economic, political, technology, and regulatory insights, the conference includes personal growth workshops and one-on-one meetings with Deloitte subject matter specialists.

Private Company Symposium: This event brings together a wide range of business leaders from our private company clients to address top-of-mind business issues. Interactive sessions tackle topics critical to the current and future state of business and explores the role of innovation in addressing challenges and creating opportunities.

Local events: Local Deloitte offices hold a number of roundtable events at various locations throughout the year, providing opportunities to learn from peers and Deloitte specialists in smaller, more focused settings. Deloitte’s Washington National Tax practice holds periodic Deloitte Tax Roundtable events in Washington, DC, providing you with the latest updates and insights on the tax policy landscape.

Deloitte's LinkedIn community: The Deloitte Tax (US) community is a rich, interactive resource for making online connections and learning from other tax leaders and Deloitte professionals. Read relevant articles, share insights, and connect with peers via this private networking forum.

You helped me get through a process I wasn't equipped to effect on my own, did it in a very abbreviated time period, and produced a work plan that I expect will help me be successful in my role.

– Participant in Tax Executive Transition Lab


Deloitte can help you keep track of what’s happening in the wider world of tax without losing sight of what’s most important to your world of tax. We do this through timely and topical interactive webcasts, content, and insights.

Dbriefs webcast series
Stay ahead of important developments affecting your business with Dbriefs. Our live webcast series features timely, relevant insights for an executive-level audience. See the schedule of upcoming Dbriefs.

Get customized tax news with the Deloitte tax@hand app, an on-the-go source of tax news and insights for global tax professionals. Deloitte tax@hand is updated daily and available via a secure digital platform on any device. Download the app.

Follow @DeloitteTax on Twitter. We’re you instantaneous source for tax developments, insights, and upcoming events from Deloitte.

Insights and services for chief tax officers

Read Deloitte tax articles in the Wall Street Journal’s CFO Journal
Deloitte writes and compiles timely features, research, topical digests, perspectives, and technical analyses for a separate module of the CFO Journal, an online publication from the Wall Street Journal. The Deloitte section of the CFO Journal regularly features articles and insights that speak to CFOs’ top tax-related issues.

Subscribe to Tax News & Views
The Tax News & Views newsletter is published by our Washington National Tax practice. It offers clear and concise coverage of key tax developments on Capitol Hill and what they mean for taxpayers.

Deloitte’s integrated tax services
We offer a broad range of fully integrated tax services that combine insights and innovation with business and industry knowledge to help your company excel globally. View more.

Your tax policy team in Washington, DC

Deloitte’s Washington National Tax (WNT) practice is a select group of tax specialists that brings the value of world-class insights and high-ranking government experience to our tax leader clients.

Our WNT practice offers a Washington, DC fly-in program that provides direct access to our top tax policy professionals in a highly personalized setting. Learn about the latest tax policy and legislation, discuss the likely impact on your organization, and develop strategies for dealing with your critical tax challenges.

Invest in your leadership potential

Take advantage of everything that Deloitte’s Chief Tax Officer Program offers to empower, inform, and connect your career. Together we can help you seize the unprecedented opportunities in front of you and take your well-deserved seat at the CTO table.

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