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Transforming your business’s marketing technology

How does the integration of marketing, technology, and business drive success?

Learn the technology-driven marketing efforts that can provide an optimized customer experience and directly influence business performance metrics.

Marketing integration at the forefront of success

In the most basic sense, marketing is about identifying and addressing human needs with products, services, and stories that resonate. It is often the backbone of every organization which needs to build, create and maintain demand, all the while enabling communication with customers, partners, and society at large.

To identify and address consumer needs, many modern marketers (both B2B and B2C) have adopted innovative technologies and data-based marketing strategies. For example, AI/ML marketing platforms and voice SEO (VSEO) are now typically table-stakes technologies that marketers need to understand and leverage to reach increasingly digital, mobile, and omnichannel consumers.

However, far too many marketing organizations operate in siloes – they resist a whole-hearted adoption of technology and data as an integral component of marketing strategy. Best-in-class marketers are discovering and executing a winning combination of marketing, business, and technology wherein marketing defines the vision, business sets the strategic intention, and technology is the critical enabler. Those who understand this winning combination of marketing, business, and technology can target the right set of consumers with the right offerings at the right time.

Marketing transformation approach

Deloitte recently had the opportunity to help elevate the marketing capabilities of a leading US-based academic health system provider. We were able to achieve a high level of patient engagement for the healthcare provider by transforming their marketing approach, evolving from relying on traditional marketing tactics to technology and data-enabled digital marketing.

We assisted the organization in:

  • Creating a 360-degree view of customers: Integrate discrete and isolated data sources into a data lake to create a 360-degree view of a customer and a single source of truth to help predict a customer’s needs and empower the businesses to make unique and intelligent decisions.
  • Expanding the visibility and actionability of 360-degree view with marketing initiatives: Create a single, integrated platform with the automation and scale to deliver tailored marketing and advertising content to the intended audience various engagement channels.
  • Accelerating speed-to-market with creative and digital assets: Develop digital-first and readily accessible marketing assets to ensure a consistent and cohesive look across marketing campaigns, and leverage technologies that can enable collaborative working with agencies and designers on the same platform with automated workflows for approvals.
  • Transforming ways of working in a marketing organization: The roles and responsibilities of an effective operating model across business marketing and technology are critical to help ensure sustainable and effective marketing.


Andrea Cusano
Senior Manager
Deloitte Consulting LLP

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