The dawn of mobile influence

The value of mobile in retail

​Today’s retail executives are grappling with a highly disruptive and rapidly shifting business environment. Many retailers are struggling to drive incremental growth, and some don’t have enough capital to fund all of the initiatives they want to pursue. Meanwhile, customer behaviors are changing profoundly—particularly due to the ways that technology is now being used as part of the shopping process.

Consumer adoption of mobile is growing at an exponential rate, and your competitors are exploiting this trend to invade the four walls of your store. To better understand the growing impact of mobile devices in the retail sector, Deloitte conducted an in-depth study asking consumers how they’re currently using their smartphones for shopping, and how they are likely to use them in the future. We found that mobile devices are already a major factor in retail—but not necessarily in the way most retailers think.
According to our research and analysis, the biggest impact of smartphones isn’t direct sales generated through the mobile channel, but rather the influence they exert over traditional in-store sales to drive in-store conversion and in-store average order size.  In this report, Deloitte examines the current and potential future effect of mobile on traditional in-store sales, and discusses ways for retailers to take a new approach to mobile.​ ​

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