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Deloitte Tax LLP practitioners have extensive experience in the Consumer & Industrial Product industry and understand the tax implications of specific sector trends, including the exposure you may face and potential considerations for reducing your tax burden. Learn more about the many tax services we offer and how our in-depth industry experience can benefit your organization both in the United States and abroad.

Making sense of tax implications for each of our consumer and manufacturing sectors

Consumer & Industrial Products (C&IP) executives today are challenged to develop new products, serve an ever-changing customer base, and expand globally into new markets–all while rationalizing their brands to reduce costs and making their increasingly global supply chains more efficient. All these business imperatives carry vital tax implications.

Multiple C&IP industry drivers bring with them multi-faceted tax implications, primary among them global tax burden management: the drive for product innovation, cost management, cash flow pressures, and higher energy costs—to name a few. Meanwhile, US-based companies must compete with those in flat-tax and tax-incented jurisdictions. Understanding the intricacies of your company's tax issues and potential planning considerations may give your company the edge it needs to become, and stay, competitive.

With a multifaceted team of C&IP business industry specialists, Deloitte Tax LLP can help. Industry sectors include:

Aerospace & Defense


Consumer Products

Industrial Products & Services

Retail, Wholesale, & Distribution

Travel, Hospitality, & Leisure

Consumer & Industrial Products sectors

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