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IRS Insights

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IRS Insights, published by the Deloitte Tax LLP Tax Controversy Services group, provides a compact, reader-friendly perspective on the latest practices and procedures coming out of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), as well as the potential impact of changes on taxpayers.

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March 2018

  • IRS LB&I Division Issues Transfer Pricing Guidance
  • Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Launces ICAP
  • The Tax Court Vacates Opinion upon Consideration of Second Circuit’s Decision
March 2018


Jauary 2018
IRS Large Business & International Division Announces New Campaigns: Seven international campaigns and four domestic campaigns

November 2017
District Court concludes that taxpayer’s refund suit, relating to the carryback of a deduction for foreign taxes, was untimely

September 2017
Federal Circuit Affirms FPAA Tolled Statute for Partnership when Losses were “Attributable To” Another Partnership

July 2017
Tax Court Holds that Certain Tax Return Information May Be Disclosed to an Employer Asserting a Defense to Withholding Tax

May 2017
US Tax Court sides with Amazon in intangibles transfer case

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