The new digital divide

Digital’s influence on in-store sales

​ Digital devices’ influence on in-store purchase behavior is growing much faster than anyone could have anticipated. Deloitte’s research shows that today digital technologies influence 36 percent or $1.1 trillion of in-store retail sales, and this number will likely increase to 50 percent of in-store sales by the end of 2014.

The digital influence factor

We are at a tipping point in retail — a point where digital channels should no longer be considered a separate or distinct business. Instead, digital is fundamental to the entire business and the entire shopping experience, in and out of the store.

As this new reality begins to have a greater impact, retailers should change dramatically the way they think, measure, and invest in digital, and address their customers’ digital needs and wants.


To help retailers understand the evolving impact of digital, Deloitte surveyed over 2,000 U.S. consumers in late 2013 asking them questions about how they use digital devices during their shopping journey. The focus of our research moves beyond "if" digital is having an influence to quantify "how" it is changing behavior along the path to purchase.

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