Making decisions that matter

CFO Insights

Many organizations understand they need to improve the quality of decisions that matter. Whether they are actually able to do anything about it is largely in the hands of two people: the CFO and the CIO.

​On some level, making bad decisions is unavoidable.  No one can always be right.  But leading companies tend to make fewer bad decisions, especially when it comes to those that can drive or destroy significant value – decisions that matter.

How do they do that?  

Those organizations understand that decision-making is a distributed function involving lots of different people throughout the organizational hierarchy. But they also recognize that there are two executives with the knowledge to help their organizations improve decision-making: CFOs and CIOs. 

In this issue of CFO Insights, we will look at opportunities for these two leaders to collaborate and drive more effective decision-making throughout their organizations as well as the barriers they face in making good decisions in the first place.

Learn how CFOs and CIOs can collaborate for the most effective decision-making.
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