ChangeScout: Transform the way change is delivered

Digital tools to help steer successful organizational change

In recent years, the pace of change has accelerated exponentially. Stakeholders expect targeted engagement via a multitude of channels, leaders demand better insight into change progress, and organizations strive to deploy change initiatives on a global scale. To help answer these client challenges, Deloitte equips our change management practitioners with ChangeScout, a comprehensive, and digital application designed to drive even the most complex change programs–from anywhere, on any device, in real time.

ChangeScout: Transform the way change is delivered

What is ChangeScout?

ChangeScout is a comprehensive, cloud-based organizational change management application that helps manage stakeholder relationships, align change impacts, plan interventions, and much more.

Benefits include:
  • Increased leadership visibility and insights
    Provides leaders with real-time visibility of just about every aspect of their change initiatives. Extensive dashboards and reports enable improved decision making, prioritization, and more targeted interventions.
  • Fortified stakeholder relationships
    Improved stakeholder profiling and cross-program impact identification enables more relevant communications, more effective engagement activities, and a more consistent experience for those impacted by organizational change.
  • Built-in automation
    We help reduce our clients' risk by automating review and escalation processes with workflows and approvals. Email alerts, automated task assignments, progress notifications, and report subscriptions help to keep everyone on track.
  • Secured platform
    ChangeScout is powered and secured by the Salesforce platform.

How is ChangeScout used?

ChangeScout can be used by our teams to manage projects that range from tactical, one-off change initiatives to complex, geographically dispersed programs or work that impact many thousands of stakeholders.

ChangeScout enables Deloitte professionals to support clients to:

  • Gain complete visibility of every impacted stakeholder, including key people, communication preferences, future activities, change impacts, and engagement profiles
  • Track the business process, technology and people changes, management strategies, and key success measures
  • Forecast any resistance issues and plan mitigation approaches
  • Align broader organizational goals by linking activities to business strategies and monitoring business benefit realization

How does ChangeScout drive client solutions?

ChangeScout can be customized, configured, and scaled to meet the needs of just about any project, organization, or stakeholder.

Custom reports and dashboards
Our teams can produce more than 60 pre-built change management reports and dashboards that provide real-time insights into client change and transformation initiatives. We can also create customizable reports that meet our clients' unique requirements.

Scalable and secure
ChangeScout can be scaled up or down depending on client requirements, and data is powered and secured by the platform.

Thought leadership

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