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Keeping the world connected is no easy task–evolving technologies, increasing adoption, limited resources, and governance structures all play into the success of the telecom industry. Deloitte works with executives in all areas of the telecommunications industry, providing experience, and insight to help industry leaders implement the changes demanded by the market.

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When launching a new cross-platform product, this telecommunications company needed to spread the word–and find the right target market–to successfully launch their new offering.

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Operationalizing SDN and NFV networks: Leading practices in a virtual environment

A revolution is sweeping through the telecommunications world, leading to possibly one of the biggest upheavals in the hundred plus year old industry. Telecommunication networks are migrating from traditional hardware and appliance-centric deployments to cloud-based deployments, with software as the critical component of all network functionality. At the heart of this revolution are two technologies: Network Function Virtualization (NFV), and Software Defined Networking (SDN), both of which aim at virtualizing network applications as well as the network connectivity. Both these technologies, and the interaction between them, have been undergoing trials over the past few years, and new standards as well as architecture options have begun to emerge.

Exposing the core assets of communication service providers through APIs: Enabling and accelerating growth in the digital ecosystem

At one point, application programmable interfaces (APIs) were a nice-to-have capability, but today they are game changers. The pervasiveness of mature digital ecosystems with rich sets of APIs available to developers to build their own digital services has extended beyond the technology industry to the media, financial services, automotive, and health care industries. For communication service providers (CSPs), APIs can open new streams of revenue by monetizing existing network assets in a brokered ecosystem. CSPs should look into evolving the traditional stack to an integrated everything-as-a-service ecosystem and adopt an API-driven delivery model to increase revenue and reduce cost.

TMT Predictions 2015

Our predictions reveal the perspectives gained from hundreds of conversations with industry leaders, and tens of thousands of consumer interviews across the globe. Our TMT Predictions 2015 are designed to identify critical inflection points that we believe should inform industry strategic thinking, and to explain how we think these will manifest over the next 12-18 months for companies in Technology, Media, Telecommunications (TMT), and other industries. 

2014 Global Mobile Consumer Survey: US Edition

In today’s mobile ecosystem, it’s critical to understand consumers’ evolving habits and preferences to maximize growth and plan for the future. The 2014 US edition of the Deloitte Global Mobile Consumer Survey sheds light onto consumer trends across a variety of topics, from devices to services to emerging technologies. Globally, the survey was fielded in 22 countries and includes 38,000 consumers–2,000 in the US alone–offering insight into what is driving mobile worldwide.

United States Expands Global Lead in Mobile Broadband

In 2012, Deloitte developed a Mobile Communications National Achievement Index to track the relative strength of countries' wireless sectors, enabling policymakers, and industry leaders to evaluate America's standing compared to the rest of the world. A new report, "United States expands global lead in mobile broadband," offers contrasting spectrum policy scenarios. It demonstrates how, if US policies are insufficient to address telecommunications carriers' growing need for spectrum, America's mobile broadband leadership will be at risk over the coming decade, jeopardizing benefits that extend across the broader US economy.

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Dan Littmann

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