The Future of Advertising

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​Fifty years ago, just three major broadcasters delivered viewers' daily dose of entertainment. With a captive audience, ad publishers had little to worry about. That is no longer the case. In today's landscape, viewers have virtually unlimited, on-demand options for media consumption. This increasingly fragmented audience paired with new direct-to-consumer channels have shattered the traditional media advertising model. While escalating ad prices have typically compensated for these dramatic shifts, it is unsustainable as the volume of traditional viewership and cable subscriptions continue to shrink. How will your business not just survive, but thrive in the face of this disruption? How will you prepare for the future of advertising?

Make your move

​When it comes to the future of advertising, successes in linear yesterday will not bring the same success tomorrow. Yet, linear still drives your bottom line today and you can't just abandon course.

Some publishers may be waiting for this model to fully unravel before shifting a currently profitable business, but by then, it could be too late. Taking an integrated approach to optimize linear and invest in digital can help drive short term returns while building your business for the future. You should consider beginning this advertising transformation today to create a fundamentally different business that can generate sustainable profitability in the face of this disruption.

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Cover new ground

To position yourself for the next fifty years, the path forward is not an easy one, and it's not predefined. It'll require a new product strategy amidst greater competition and an increasing aversion to ads. You should optimize your sales model to help capture the highest value opportunities, reduce overhead costs, and meet buyer needs and expectations. Technology, the driver behind all this disruption, is not to be forgotten, as it will help underpin your ability to execute and do so efficiently. And you should get a handle on your data—what you have, what you need, and where it is—in order to become a partner that can provide tangible insights to reach the right audiences, which will be reciprocated with a lift in inventory pricing.

All of these components can be integral to your future business and your bottom line. Yet none of them are simple. They require change across siloed parts of your organization. They require disruption to your core businesses, and adoption of emerging technologies. Small changes will likely only assist in survival, to thrive and lead the future of advertising revolution requires a true advertising transformation. And success will be reserved for those that can act swiftly and connect all the dots. Are you ready?

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We see what's on the horizon for publishers and know that effective transformations will be the result of the right people doing the right work. At Deloitte, our media and entertainment professionals know advertising sales across broadcast, cable, and digital. With expertise in strategy, technology, operations, and change management, we bring together the right team to tackle advertising transformation challenges end to end, so you can preserve your margins while diving head-first into the future of advertising.

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