Creating the Board Your Company Deserves


Creating the board your company deserves

The art–and science–to choosing directors

Many issues compete for a place at the top of a company’s list of governance priorities, including the potential expansion of shareholder rights, regulatory demands for enhanced disclosure, and the oversight of risk management. However, we would argue there is no higher governance priority than ensuring you have the right people on the board. Without that prerequisite, the ever-growing requirements will be more difficult to meet in a way the company and its stakeholders deserve.

In an increasingly complex and unpredictable business world, the board must be strategic about board structure and composition. In the same way that corporate leadership would never consider entering into a merger or acquisition without thorough due diligence, so, too, should assessing board composition (and how well your board meets your expectations) be treated as a significant strategic activity for the company, bearing long-term implications for strategic, financial, operational, and compliance decision-making.

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