Organizational & marketing operations

In-house and agile marketing are changing the game

Bringing marketing priorities to other leaders means thinking about what’s important from their point of view. When your marketing organization is constantly on the move, aligning your culture, structure, and assets with your business strategy can help you harness change and leverage data across the enterprise.

Like the CMO role, marketing is moving away from its traditional shape, often shifting to centralized centers of excellence and agile marketing operating models. Many leading brands are separating themselves from the pack by being more purposeful and hyper-focused on what their customers need. As a result, many are restructuring their marketing operations, leveraging the power of real-time data accessed through digital platforms and gaining personalized insights through agile marketing methodologies.

Today's CMOs actively play the part of customer champion, experience strategist, and growth leader. Their role within the organization also encompasses building connections, as well as integrating disparate groups that are ultimately aligned to the overarching customer strategy. Cross-functional collaboration isn’t easy to come by. But leveraging partnerships to address day-to-day challenges can work to advance the overarching organizational agenda.

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