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E.U. Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive and the impact on U.S. companies

In November 2022, the European Council and the European Parliament approved the final text of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), which will affect U.S.-based companies with E.U. operations and are much broader than the Securities and Exchange Commission’s proposed rule on climate. Participants will gain a new understanding of the impact of the CSRD on U.S. companies and other international developments while assessing considerations for companies as they prepare to adopt these standards.

Financial Reporting 
March 14
1 p.m. ET
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Future of Planning: Delivering next-generation strategy-led planning

Future of Planning begins with corporate strategy, is operationalized through Enterprise Business Planning, and remains laser-focused on driving strategically aligned value. Future of Planning is enabled with next-generation capabilities and a connected ecosystem across strategic, financial, and operational planning, providing decision-makers with visibility to relevant data and insights to react with agility to market shocks.Participants will discover new and innovative planning approaches that deliver business value across the enterprise value chain.

Quarterly accounting roundup: Q1 2023 update on important developments

Do you know what issues the standard-setters, regulators, and stakeholders have been focused on lately? We’ve been monitoring their projects and hot topics.Participants will gain a new understanding of these and other important accounting issues and developments for the quarter. 

Taking the reins: Finance’s role in technology-enabled transformation

Today’s finance function should harness the capabilities of emerging technologies to keep up with evolving business models, operate efficiently, and better serve business partners. To realize maximum value from implementation of transformational technologies, business leaders should play a more hands-on role throughout the process. Participants will discover
where finance business leaders can lean in to drive quality outcomes and
enduring benefits from their technology-enabled transformations through
real-world examples from a panel of invited guests and specialists.

Accounting hot topics for tech -driven companies in a dynamic landscape

Accounting and finance professionals in the technology industry face a myriad of accounting and financial reporting complexities. Companies in other industries are working through similar complexities as they continually find ways to become more tech driven. Whether your company is an enterprise software or software-as-a-service provider, or exploring ways to tech-up your offerings, come join us as we dive into some accounting considerations that may be relevant for your business. Participants will obtain insights on accounting issues and developments that are top of mind when addressing tech-related arrangements.

How to measure and earn trust in your supply chain

Global supply chains have faced significant disruptions since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has been further compounded by rising energy prices, geopolitical instability, economic uncertainty, labor shortages, and other complicating factors. Nearly half of CEOs interviewed in the summer of 2022 expect supply chain disruptions in the coming year.  The way organizations handle these disruptions can either earn or further erode stakeholder trust. Executives increasingly need a framework for measuring, monitoring, and managing trust in their supply chains. Participants will discover insights and discuss actions on how to implement measures to earn and protect trust. 

Business transformation: Value creation through risk and controls

Technology-driven business transformations (e.g., finance transformation, system implementations, operating model redesign, development of shared services) have become a requirement to remain competitive in today’s rapidly changing environment. Increased frequency, pace, and complexity of these initiatives intensifies organizationwide risks and time to value.Participants will identify opportunities to not only focus on value protection but also drive value creation through business transformations. 

Taking control: Establishing effective controllership organization models to improve performance

Today’s finance and controllership function is evolving to serve the organization amid a changing landscape, different operating models, and multiple requirements necessary to drive a business forward. To realize maximum value for the future of controllership, what organization models may establish the best operating performance? Participants will assess different controllership operating models through real-world examples—and the attributes of an optimum operating model—that can help lead the future of controllership from a panel of invited guests and specialists.