Finance analytics

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Learn how your organization can create more value with finance analytics.

Why finance analytics?

Finance as a partner to the business
Over the past few years, companies have opened their eyes to the value that Finance can bring to many aspects of business - well beyond the traditional role of providing a standard set of financial reports year after year.

Finance analytics arms CFOs with the tools to make sense of an increasingly complex world. By combining internal financial information and operational data with external information such as social media, demographics and big data, finance analytics may address critical business questions with unprecedented ease, speed, and accuracy.

The benefits

See into the future
Provide forward-looking strategic insights, not just backward-looking financial reporting.

Turn mountains of data into nuggets of insight
Filter and analyze large amounts of data promptly and easily.

Put the pieces together
Combine internal and external data to generate insights that weren’t possible or practical before.

Paint a picture
Present data and results visually so they are easier to understand and have more impact.

Take action with confidence
Become a data-driven organization that makes investments and operating decisions with more confidence and mitigated risk.

Be more strategic
Boost the Finance function’s value and credibility as a strategic partner to the business.

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