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Analytics on the go

Take three minutes to get up to speed on the latest analytics applications

While your challenges are complex, getting to the heart of them doesn’t have to be. We help our clients address the signature issues they face every day. This “mini” crash course on analytics is one way to get up to speed fast. Take in a full serving of insights in a short time—about the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee. Hold the sugar, add a dash of insights.

Using safety data to improve patient outcomes

Pharmacovigilance (PV) organizations can—and should—use safety data derived across the product lifecycle to help maintain compliance, make critical decisions, and manage competing demands while delivering on their number one priority: To improve patient outcomes.

Take three minutes to explore how safety data can help...

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Five ways to gain more control over pricing

What insights do consumer products companies need to drive revenue and increase profits? Pricing analytics-driven insights help managers make fast, fact-based decisions that improve revenue management. And for sales? Access to accurate, timely information can inform negotiations with clients for win-win results.

Take three minutes to explore the power of pricing analytics…

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Creating more value in the aftermarket

How are leaders using aftermarket data to shore up the supply chain? From warranty and recall issues to delivering on the service and quality promise, many consumer products companies are applying analytics to aftermarket data for greater insights.

Take three minutes to explore the potential of aftermarket data…

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Have a few extra minutes?

Sometimes one cup isn’t enough. If you have a little more time, check out more of our thought leadership, and learn how insight-driven companies are leading with analytics.

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