Investment management analytics

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​Learn how investment firms can leverage business data to drive efficiency, grow revenues, and improve margins.

Why investment management analytics?

The investment world has been hit with a dual challenge: a prolonged low interest rate environment combined with the growing appeal of passive investment strategies.

Regulatory requirements, competitive forces, demographic shifts, and commoditizing products underscore the need for actionable insight to support strategic business decisions.

Investment firms are increasingly looking to leverage business data to drive efficiency, grow revenues, and improve margins.

The benefits

Retain and grow client relationships
A client’s loyalty is won by firms that can provide highly personalized offerings, services, and insights based on individual preferences, goals, and history.

Attract new market segments
Actionable, highly specific investor insights may lead to new products and pricing strategies that appeal to nontraditional investors and new markets.

Reduce costs
Analytics may identify patterns and trends that can provide insights into changes in workflows and operations that can decrease costs.

Enhance decision-making
Leaders can more easily extract, compile, and view internal and external information to make smarter decisions.

Paint a picture
Desktop and mobile dashboards present data and results visually so they are easier to understand and have more impact.

Streamline compliance efforts
Efficiently and quickly access, compile, and understand information needed to meet regulatory requirements and help mitigate risk.

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