Social analytics in media and entertainment

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Explore how social analytics can help your media and entertainment firm be more efficient and agile in today's evolving marketplace.

Why social analytics in media and entertainment?

The media and entertainment business is not just about media and entertainment. It's also about business, which encompasses everything from finance and marketing to licensing, manufacturing, merchandising, and distribution.

Success in this increasingly complex business environment often requires more than great artists and desirable content. It requires a bit of science—the science of social analytics.

The benefits

Make better, more informed decisions
Social analytics can help improve demand and financial forecasts by leveraging information from social media sites as well as other internal and external data sources.

Predictive models can be used to test different pricing, advertising, and social scenarios, allowing you to make fact-based business decisions related to marketing campaigns, sales forecasting, and pricing—and to adjust your decisions and actions in real time.

Get to know your customers
If social media is a forum for consumers to talk, then social analytics is a means for media and entertainment companies to listen.

Through social media, consumers are telling you what products and services they want—and how to effectively market and sell those products to them. You just need to invest the time, money, and effort to hear what they are saying.

Make the most of your marketing and advertising spend
Social analytics can help your organization contain marketing costs by targeting advertising more effectively. It can also help you determine the true ROI for different advertising categories—including television, digital, and out-of-home—so you know which ones are delivering more bang for the buck.

After gaining experience with social analytics, many organizations are likely to find that it is more timely and relevant than traditional research—as well as less expensive.

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