Cognitive analytics

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Explore how cognitive analytics could create positive disruption and potential competitive advantages for your company.

Why cognitive analytics?

Most of the world’s digital data is unstructured. Making sense of this data is beyond the capacity of the human brain. So, by necessity, much of it has been ignored. “Cognitive analytics” is a term used to describe how organizations apply analytics and cognitive computing technologies to help humans make smarter decisions.

The benefits

Mine untapped data sources
Rather than ignore unwieldy, diverse data formats, organizations can use cognitive analytics to quickly tap unstructured information—text documents, images, emails, social posts, and more—for useful insights.

Provide personalized services
Fast, efficient service is no longer enough to win today’s consumers. Their loyalty is won by organizations that can provide highly personalized service based on what data says about their individual preferences and history.

Improve service consistency and quality
Humans often come to different conclusions based upon the same information. cognitive analytics can help reduce subjectivity in decision-making—and do it faster—by tracing how decisions are made and measuring the resulting outcomes, allowing leading practices to be shared across the organization.

Enhance knowledge sharing
Cognitive analytics can be used to amplify knowledge sharing, providing fast access to highly relevant answers and insights on demand.

Learn how getting a jump-start on building cognitive analytics capabilities could be a smart move for your organization.

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