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Intellect with purpose powered by data analytics

In the Age of With™, big data isn’t just ones and zeros. It’s connections, thoughts, actions, motivations, vision, and predictions. It’s infinite potential waiting to be tapped. With capabilities—like artificial intelligence, image recognition, or deep learning—data can help you see in all directions and get to smarter, surer insights swiftly. The outcomes? Operational wisdom, confident decision-making, and competitive agility. It’s intelligence, amplified. That’s the advantage of With.

Deep insight with direct relevance

Data isn't new. Analytics isn't new. But the level at which data connects co-workers, customers, markets, and business outcomes is. And that's promising, if you make the right connections in context, and in time. Enter artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning and the insights they can reveal: Powering pattern recognition at scale, enabling companies to sense trends before they're trendy, and actually thriving on the data volume we humans create.

Science with data

Artificial intelligence is highly dependent on data quality. Deloitte teams emphasize sound data science and data validity across our entire analytics practice, and we have more than 4,400 data scientists focused on cognitive, AI, and machine learning projects, alone.

Three advantages: Insight in the Age of With™

Intelligence amplified. Insights in action

4,000 hours of analyst time saved.

A national commercial bank made an acquisition that came with thousands of commercial loan documents provided as unstructured PDFs. The loan documents included customer and credit data, loan details, and different terms and conditions, all of which needed to be uploaded into the correct servicing system. The bank used Deloitte's (D-ICE) Digital Intelligent Content Extraction capability to extract all needed data. Then using robotic process automation systems, machines performed all the data entry conversion and transferred every piece of loan-related information into the bank's data systems.


Capabilities with credibility

The awards and recognition we receive are a reflection of our commitment to our clients, our people, and our community.

The intelligence is artificial. The impact is real.

Thought leadership to help reveal just what cognitive data analytics and smarter insights can do.

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