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Connection with meaning runs deep

Rewarding interactions are the hallmark of relationship building. In the Age of With™, companies can now deeply root those connections faster than ever, across more people than ever. Data with devices with machine learning enables digital experiences that are immediate, personalized, predictive, and rewarding for each customer and employee. It’s relationship growth at scale—like planting a single acorn in the morning and finding a verdant forest by noon. That’s the potential of With.

Loyalty with proliferation

Device and data proliferation can appear as complex challenges. But with AI’s ability to recognize images, patterns, and voice and to learn from data, that proliferation creates opportunity to develop chatbots, digital assistants, personalized alerts, predictive buying—engagements that solve problems, reward behaviors, and grow loyalty person by person across a great universe of people:

Managing your digital bot workforce like human employees

Customer engagement: Humans with machines, by design

To create human-like engagements, whether through a digital assistant or on-screen prompts, you should first understand how humans interact with data at critical moments. What will they do if they see a bad review? How many automated questions will they answer before wanting to speak to a person? Human-centered design gets at these answers and dozens of others. Deloitte applies this to help clients understand the connection between the outcomes they seek and the ways in which customers and employees process and act on information.

Three advantages: Customer engagement in the Age of With™

Science with data

Artificial intelligence is highly dependent on data quality, particularly when the goal is direct engagement with people. One small error in the data can have a dramatic and cascading impact across millions of customers. Deloitte teams emphasize sound data science and data validity across our entire analytics practice, and we have more than 4,400 data scientists focused on cognitive, AI, and machine learning projects, alone.

Customer engagement—in action

Use sensors and Internet of Things on trucks. Accelerate quality control cycle by 13 months.

Truck fleet maintenance didn't use to be an exact science; you could guesstimate what parts might fail based on mileage, time, type of use, and environment. That didn't mean cooperative vehicles adhering to a convenient maintenance schedule. But by putting sensors on internet-enabled vehicles, then crunching data and presenting it on an integrated QM dashboard, the manufacturer and fleet operators can now diagnose and predict issues ahead of time so that downtime is reduced and maintenance performed in a timely manner. And that means more time spent on other important innovations.

Nudging New Mexico may save citizens millions in taxes

Not every tough problem requires drastic solutions—some problems just need creative ones. Where do state governments face serious risks for incurring oversized benefit payments? If you guessed identity theft and criminal activity, think again. While those activities are certainly costly, they are relatively rare compared to the more frequent small errors that happen when citizens apply for benefits, ultimately leading to improper payments by the state.

In New Mexico, only about half of the improper payments are ever identified, and, of those, less than half are recovered. To take on this issue, Deloitte helped the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions use insights from data and behavioral science to nudge individuals to behave more accurately and consistently. The key? Improving design communications and notifications for claimants in key moments, such as when individuals report work and earnings to determine eligibility. The solution substantially influenced the behavior of claimants, increasing accurate reporting while also reducing improper payments—without generating additional staff work. New Mexico is on track to save their citizens millions each year. Read more about "Nudging New Mexico: Kindling compliance among unemployment claimants.".

Theoretical has kindly paved the way for actual

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