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Speed with precision takes flight

One advantage of pairing machines with data is speed and precision. But in the Age of With™, robotic and intelligent automation also generates thrust. Intelligent automation can smooth customer experiences and spark loyalty through error reduction. It can release your R&D talent to invent and innovate products. It can rapidly execute decisions to help you rise above your competition. Fueled by data, human-centered design, and business purpose, automation does more than mechanize. It can power outcomes.

Automate with intelligence

Most hear "automation" and think of robotic process automation (RPA), or bots performing highly repetitive tasks to create efficiencies and reduce costs. That’s a start. But with intelligent automation, those same business process automation capabilities can be applied to high-value, decision-making tasks, too. The results are the smart, timely application of data and the ability to address real-world challenges and opportunities at any scale.

Managing your digital bot workforce

Your intelligent automation goals with Deloitte's delivery

Business process automation can be complex depending on the size of a project and the state of your data. Deloitte’s Robotic & Intelligent Automation US- and India-based Delivery Centers can help simplify and speed project value by leveraging a centralized pool of skilled developers and specialists along with a large selection of industry-ready automation tools.

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Three advantages: Automation in the Age of With™

Humans with machines, by design

A designed system with specific business outcomes in mind is critical to automation ROI. You have to understand all costs, cascading impacts, and talent implications right from the beginning. Human-centered design is key to that understanding. It informs why robotic and intelligent automation is needed and how it can serve the larger purposes of the organization.

Robotics & Intelligent Automation—in action

Every day, businesses are finding new ways to apply R&IA to enhance their enterprises.

Increase the value of traditional operating cost optimization:
A $10 billion company depends on its managed collections process to contact past-due customers and request payment. But with its previous process, less than 60 percent of past-due customers were contacted, resulting in low paid receivables and far too many customers on the past-due list. The shared services organization implemented robotic and intelligent automation tools to better manage collections. Today, the automation program logs into the enterprise resource planning system to produce the accounts receivable report, and then generates customer statements and automatically sends past-due notifications. The human team uses automation outputs to resolve disputed items, update customer contact information, and focus on higher-value past-due customers.

There’s nothing automatic about getting intelligent automation right

Thought leadership to help you prepare for intelligent automation projects.

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