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Take charge with an effective strategic change strategy

Change comes to businesses in many forms: mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures, new leadership, technology implementations, organizational restructuring, and regulatory compliance. But the same central challenges usually apply: communications, culture, change management, and ultimately alignment. Leaders have to agree on priorities, direction and organizational culture, then communicate this vision to employees along with the specific steps necessary to make it a reality.

How we can help

Even if an organization acknowledges the “soft” change management needs that accompany a “hard” change in technology or structure, it’s easy to lose focus on them. When a business is consumed with obtaining the technical aspects of the change right, the change management agenda may be the first thing lost in the shuffle–or eliminated from the budget. But it’s often the first thing addressed in a post-project accounting of things that should have been done better.

Whether an organization is changing its tools, answering to new leaders, or transforming its culture, proactively managing the communications and transition process is vital. Job security is employees’ number one fear when organizations go through large-scale change. Strategic communications can help retain top performers, ease employees’ concerns, and maintain “business as usual.” It’s important not only to put people at ease and retain top talent, but also to help everyone understand the nature, demands and rewards of the changing roles they will play.

Bottom-line benefits

An effective strategic change strategy can help an organization in its efforts to:

  • Recoup the initial investment in the technology investment by fostering successful employee adoption
  • Reduce the learning curve associated with a major transformation to achieve full productivity sooner
  • Recoup the investment made for a merger or acquisition by preventing decreased morale, low productivity, and employee turnover
  • Retain top performers through strategic communication and a managed change experience.
  • Identify risks associated with a business transformation ahead of time and address them before implementation

Strategic change in action

Effective, strategic change management can help an organization boost sales or similar bottom-line metrics by multiple percentage points. Below are a few recent examples of strategic change in action:

  • A major consumer products company decided to change how it delivered HR and Finance services to employees through a new operating model that leveraged sourcing and shared services. Deloitte was engaged to conduct change management activities across functions, support sourcing change management activities, and perform stakeholder analysis, change impact analysis, leadership alignment, communications, and overall change planning. The outcome resulted in cost savings, organizational efficiencies, and standardization.
  • A large pharmacy benefits manager invented and implemented a new technology involving process, system, and role changes across its sites nationwide. Deloitte helped build a change management and strategic communications program to prepare employees for the changes and to transition into their new roles.
  • In the midst of reduced consumer demand, wildly variable fuel costs, and unresolved labor negotiations, an airline chose to make a strategic investment in workforce management. Deloitte’s strategic approach framed the importance of stakeholder buy-in and outlined the steps to achieve it. We helped provide advisory and implementation services for the organization and change management team, managed executive alignment, aided in workforce transition, and built stakeholder readiness for both headquarters and field populations.

ChangeScout: Transform the way change is delivered

In recent years, the pace of change has accelerated exponentially. Stakeholders expect targeted engagement via a multitude of channels, leaders demand better insight into change progress, and organizations strive to deploy change initiatives on a global scale. To help answer these client challenges, Deloitte equips our change management practitioners with ChangeScout, a comprehensive, and digital application designed to drive even the most complex change programs–from anywhere, on any device, in real time.

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