Distressed Opportunity Scanner

Identify distressed companies one step ahead of your competitor

The Deloitte Distressed Opportunity Scanner uses state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to analyze financial news articles across the globe for identification of potential distressed acquisition targets – in real-time, based on our proprietary prediction model and customized to your search criteria in a matter of seconds.

Market Challenges and Customer Pain Points

Disruption by emerging competitors, economic uncertainty, or a global pandemic crisis can be challenging for many companies. The COVID-19 crisis is bringing new attention to the acquisition of distressed assets. Similar to the 2008/2009 financial crisis, the pandemic weakened global financial markets, lowered valuations and became a deal breaker for many transactions. The economic slowdown will lead to a sharp increase in distressed targets. The number of distressed M&A transactions will increase in sync, especially as long as the financing environment is still intact.

Time will be a critical factor when screening and negotiating distressed acquisitions and disposals to a limited market. Hence, the main challenge is to identify promising targets in a world of a continuous information overload at an early stage and in prediction of distressed signals. However, the availability of up-to-date financial information is rather limited for private, as well as for public companies.

So how to turn terabytes of unstructured news data into actionable insights?

Augmented News Intelligence

In order to provide our clients in corporate M&A departments and private equity firms with a real-time deal pipeline without delay caused by labour-intensive research, we have digitized our M&A and Restructuring Service expert knowledge in a Software-as-a-Service platform. Our AI-driven news intelligence machine is screening the daily press landscape to look for early warning indicators that provide context and actionable insights about distressed companies.

Turn Data into Meaningful Stories and Actionable Insights

  • Use our pre-trained event ontology and a global company universe to filter for distressed signals and company-specific news.
  • Read, bookmark and analyze patterns and insights you will not get anywhere else in this combined form.
  • Start storytelling in interactive dashboards and visual analytics of sentiment trends interlinked with companies´ stock price and driving topics. 
  • Generate your data-driven deal pipeline and share customizable reports and newsletter across your organization.
  • Please get in touch with us to learn more about a suitable subscription plan

Distressed Opportunity Scanner Value Proposition – What’s in for you?

Real-Time Predictions: The availability of up-to-date financial information is rather limited, so daily press releases, research papers and other daily sources are a better source than rumors.

Automate Media Monitoring: Using state-of-the-art AI tech stack and our M&A domain knowledge to leverage augmented news intelligence screening for distressed companies.

SaaS Platform Technology: Share all insights and reports with your colleagues automatically, without each of them having to constantly design own queries and alerts.

Background Optimization: The platform is ready to use, quality of algorithms will be optimized without noise and blackout periods based on machine learning and user feedback.

Turnkey Solution: Reduce time-to-value and costs normally associated with the development and operations of AI products and services.


Stefan Sanne

Stefan Sanne

Partner | Financial Advisory

Stefan Sanne leitet den Bereich Turnaround & Restructuring in Deutschland. Er verfügt über nahezu 25 Jahre Erfahrungen in der Erstellung von Sanierungskonzepten, der Durchführung von Sanierungscontrol... Mehr

Andreas Moltrecht, CFA

Andreas Moltrecht, CFA

Andreas Moltrecht ist Director bei Corporate Finance Advisory. Herr Moltrecht verfügt über mehr als 12 Jahre Restrukturierungs- und Insolvenzerfahrung und hat dabei mehr als 30 M&A-Transaktionen erfol... Mehr