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Career Journey: Riley McEuen

The satisfying job of creating job satisfaction

Organizations going through change—which is likely all organizations today—nearly always evolve the processes and platforms behind their daily operations. That kind of change needs a counselor and captain. Enter Riley McEuen.

Before Deloitte, I saw that people were failing in their jobs, they were not adopting the systems or processes that they were being trained on. And that changed their entire perspective on their jobs, for the worse. Good, effective training can change that. It makes people more capable, and that makes them happier with their roles. I love being able to make a positive impact.

— Riley McEuen, solution specialist, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Part psychology. Part technology.

Riley is a solution specialist at Deloitte. His role is both motivating and challenging since it brings with it a high level of accountability. It’s Riley’s job to help make technology implementation smooth and simple. It requires as much psychological insight as it does technological acumen, which is why it’s a great fit for this communications master.

Working together with subject matter specialists throughout the organization, Riley builds and writes everything from complex software simulations to quick reference guides. He also facilitates workshops in his spare time for his fellow practitioners, which is one of his favorite tasks since it gives him face-to-face interaction with colleagues.

See a need. Find a calling.

How does someone discover training as a career option? By accident. Or maybe providence. Before going back to school for a master’s in communications, Riley worked as a sales manager for a hotel, which included a responsibility to create training materials for his staff on using the sales system. He saw the impact that good (and bad) training had on employees and uncovered his own aptitude for guiding people going through change.

A culture to shape

Making the leap to Deloitte, Riley was enthusiastic about more than just having found the intersection of his talent and a true business need. He was drawn to Deloitte’s culture for its genuine focus on inclusion, and for the chance to help shape it too. He’s a leader within his office’s LGBT inclusion group, and he embraces that role just like he does his formal job, i.e., with seemingly endless energy.

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