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Grit and resilience

Seeing the world from a new perspective

June 17, 2021

“When that big ole piece of grit falls in your lap, you have to decide what to do. I decided I would make a difference… and that simple decision has changed me forever.” – Peter Hodge, senior manager, Deloitte Services LP

For Peter Hodge, learning that not one—but both—of his daughters had cystic fibrosis (CF), a serious genetic disorder that affects breathing and digestion, was a shock to his system. But Peter refused to believe he couldn’t do anything about it. “I knew that we needed to find a cure for my girls and others who live with the same disease. So I got connected with my local Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF) chapter” This first step launched a journey that has lasted for more than 28 years.

“I’ve served CFF in multiple ways from chapter board member to Annual Fund National Chair. I’ve enjoyed each role but have found fundraising through extreme hiking to be my go-to way of giving back. I’ve done 32 miles in one day on the Appalachian trail, gone rim to rim in the Grand Canyon in one day, and completed one million steps in a month to raise funds.”

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Each year many of Peter’s colleagues join him in person or through donations to support the cause. “The encouragement I get from so many friends and colleagues across Deloitte is extraordinary. It fuels me in my mission and encourages me to continue to bring my authentic self to my work every day.”

And while the value of this physical feat is undeniable, the amount that Peter has raised over the years is what matters most to him. “Since the beginning, I’ve raised more than $50 million to help fund the science that will find a cure for CF.”

But the funds to end CF aren’t the only thing to advance over the years—Peter’s resilience and outlook on life have grown as well.

“A good friend lost her 13-year-old daughter to CF, and in her book about that experience, she said, ‘It’s not what you do while you’re being broken, it’s what you do when you are broken. Until you experience adversity in your life, you can’t really appreciate the good.’ I feel like I have learned the importance of resilience—how to walk through life’s deepest valleys and still come out smiling and stronger than I was before.” Peter would like to give his kids that lesson without the adversity, but he knows they come hand in hand. “Sometimes you really do have to climb the mountain in the cold, pouring rain to get to see the view from the top.” 

When you spend any amount of time talking to Peter, you can’t help but feel his positivity and passion. “I see the world from a new perspective now. After going through challenges and developing that personal grit, I’ve learned so many lessons about myself and my family. It helps me to have a deeper relationship with my kids, build stronger connections with my colleagues and clients, and be a much better person than I was when I started 28+ years ago. I am so fortunate that my girls are doing well and living their best life. Their strength is inspiring.”

Peter fervently believes that medical researchers will find a cure for CF in his girls’ lifetime, but he is far from finished with philanthropy. “I think about all the amazing, talented people I have met through my work with the CFF, and the extraordinary impact we have made on the course of CF in our loved ones. We now have the opportunity to share this approach and success with other rare diseases.  For example, sickle cell anemia mirrors CF, but the Sickle Cell Foundation has a fraction of the money of the CFF.”

Peter joined Deloitte in 2015 and works in the Cyber Risk Ecosystems and Alliance practice, supporting the Risk & Financial Advisory practice. He leads business development for the Cyber group which helps clients secure their technology-driven, digital transformations. In his role, Peter enjoys the opportunity to work across other Deloitte businesses to help bring the full wealth of our offerings to clients. 

“If we channel our collective energy and leverage our grit and resilience, there’s no limit to what we can accomplish. Together, we have the potential to save and change many more lives.”

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