International expansion for mid-market companies

Issues to be addressed

Expanding into global markets can offer companies of every size opportunities to diversify their operations, reach new customers, and tap into new sources for materials and talent. The articles in this series focus on international expansion issues that mid-market companies should address as they consider growing globally.

You’ve hit the ground running. Now what?

As an overseas expansion moves from start-up to ongoing enterprise, companies should work to keep their options open. Understanding where your raw materials, parts, tools, fuel–whatever it takes to keep the business operating–will come from, with how much reliability, and at what cost all factor in to how successful your operations will be. Effective organizations also should be ready to move beyond core decisions about talent and culture and take talent strategy to the next level.

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Back-office, front-of-mind: business process, compliance, and reporting

The processes that keep an enterprise functional, efficient, and compliant are familiar to many business leaders. On this foundation, businesses in widely diverse industries keep their doors open and their people paid. So when a company takes on a cross-border expansion—when it confronts large-scale challenges like new markets and location selection—do these back-office mainstays need special attention?

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Cast and crew: Securing and managing talent

Staffing an overseas expansion may appear to be a numbers game: An organization needs the right people in the right places, and it probably needs them there as soon as possible. However, companies that rush to hire people in a new location may run right past a number of other important considerations–such as the workforce and organizational structure, the talent mix, how to attract and motivate talent, and adherence to tax and legal requirements.

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Letter and spirit of compliance: Qualifying to do business

No reputable company sets out with the intention of violating local country rules and regulations. But in the global corporate landscape, obeying the rules is seldom simple, and satisfying this requirement takes more than good intentions. It takes a deliberate investment in research and counsel.

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Form and function: Defining the investment

Standing up an overseas expansion happens in stages–from first articulating why, then determining where and what form it will take. The structure of an investment has many implications that cascade into other decisions and define what options will or won’t be available for years to come.

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Finding your fit: Location selection

For companies considering international expansion, choosing the right location is a decision that progresses from large-scale to small–from “what country” to “which side of the street.” This article explores the multidimensional array of critical factors that companies should consider.

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International expansion: A passport to growth?

There is a lot of “what,” “how,” “where,” and “who” involved when considering a business expansion across international boundaries. But the first question has to be “why.” No matter what a company’s rationale may be for global expansion or its starting point, it must approach the process with deliberation.

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